e-lerts 2010

Big Win for Reform

In this update: 1. State board hands out stiff fines for excessive campaign donations 2. Jensen case still hanging in limbo 3. Report on payday lender donations makes news

Loan Sharks Make Record Contributions

In this update: 1. Will payday lenders and their money run out the clock? 2. Over 17,000 new records added to searchable donor database

First Cable, Now Phones

In this update: 1. AT&T quietly coaxes lawmakers to deregulate phone service 2. Two paths to better campaign finance disclosure 3. UW Law School forum to focus on high court election finance ruling 4. Census 2010: The importance of being counted

Anti-Reform Lawsuits Called Unworthy

Just before the year's end, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel published an editorial exposing the absurd premise of two lawsuits challenging Wisconsin's new public financing law for state Supreme Court elections. The lawsuits assert that giving candidates the means to answer attacks by big-money interest groups hinders free speech.