Staggering Recall Fundraising

In this update: 1. Walker reports astronomical fundraising figures: 2. What’s wrong with the Democrats . . . and the Republicans Staggering Recall Fundraising

Email date: 5/1/12

In this update:
1. Walker reports astronomical fundraising figures:
2. What’s wrong with the Democrats . . . and the Republicans


Walker reports astronomical fundraising figures
Governor Scott Walker raised more than $13 million from mid-January through the beginning of last week. This latest haul brings his total fundraising for his campaign to fend off his removal from office to more than $25 million.

Walker’s latest campaign finance report shows he raised $13,164,310. Of that, $12.58 million came from individual contributors including $8.31 million or 66% from donors living outside Wisconsin and $3.84 million or 31% from state residents. The remaining 3% came from unitemized or anonymous contributors. Earlier today, the Democracy Campaign posted a list of donors who gave Walker over $1,000.

The governor already has raised nearly two and a half times as much as the previous fundraising record for a candidate for any state office. Walker himself held the old record, having raised $11.1 million for his successful 2010 bid for governor.

Among his Democratic rivals, former Dane County executive Kathleen Falk has raised the most, reporting $977,059 in contributions including $332,162 from PACs and other political committees. Of the $644,897 in donations from individuals, Falk got $323,279 or 50% from Wisconsin residents and $296,325 or 46% from out of state, with the remaining 4% coming from unitemized or anonymous donors or from the candidate herself. List of contributors who gave Falk over $1,000.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett reported raising $831,508 with almost all of the money coming from individual contributors. Of the $815,709 in individual donations, $712,551 or 87% came from Wisconsin residents and $102,998 or 13% came from out of state. List of donors who gave Barrett over $1,000.

Two other Democrats who are running low-budget grassroots campaigns filed fundraising reports as well. State Senator Kathleen Vinehout reported raising $43,979 and Secretary of State Doug La Follette raised $118,088 but La Follette himself contributed $112,000 of that total.

The Democracy Campaign also has been posting regular updates on campaigning by special interest groups in the Recall 2012 feature on our website.


What’s wrong with the Democrats . . . and the Republicans
The two most recent posts on our Big Money Blog can be summed up pretty simply. The best thing the Democrats have going for them is the Republicans, and vice versa. If Governor Walker survives the recall election and is returned to office, Democrats need look no further than their recent inability to win support from the very poorest counties in Wisconsin. On the other hand, if Walker gets the boot, Republicans will have no one but themselves to blame.