If You Believe What We Believe

Five points we believe about money in politics. If You Believe What We Believe

Email date: 10/16/12

This we believe . . . .

1. Money in politics is why our society is spinning its wheels on so many major problems plaguing us. It’s why Congress is stuck in a rut on everything from climate change to the national debt. It’s why politicians at every level seem so unwilling or unable to fix things that are broken and do what’s best for the future. It is the problem behind all the other problems. The Democracy Campaign makes this point every chance we get.

2. When it comes to elections money doesn’t talk, it screams. Free speech isn’t free; it costs a fortune. And those who are loaded do most all the talking. The voices of average citizens are drowned out. Concern over this is central to one of our major policy initiatives.

3. Big-money donors don’t give out of the goodness of their hearts. They expect a return on their investment, and do they ever get one. WDC has proven this point countless times.

4. Wisconsin used to be special, but we’ve lost our way. We can be special again, but not until we come to terms with political corruption. We’ve said it loud and clear in speech after speech after speech. And blog after blog.

5. We can’t stop corruption with 19th and 20th Century anti-corruption laws. We need to bring these laws into the 21st Century. If we’ve said it once we’ve said it a thousand times. And again and again we do something about it, offering solutions and working for their adoption.

This is what we believe. And we act on these beliefs every day.

If you believe what we believe, and you share the values behind our actions, please show us.

If you can spare $25 or $50 right now, it sure would come in handy here at the Democracy Campaign. We promise to put it to good use . . . acting on our beliefs.

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