3 Steps to Ditching Citizens United

Citizens Uniteds got to go. How do we make it happen? 3 Steps to Ditching Citizens United

Email date: 3/20/13

Citizens United’s got to go. How do we make it happen?

STEP 1: First, it’s essential to understand how it won’t happen. Citizens United won’t be overturned without a widespread and relentless citizen movement demanding change. It’s time for Wisconsin to join 11 other states that have already held votes enabling citizens to pass judgment on this disastrous Supreme Court ruling that unleashed unlimited election spending and reduced campaign finance disclosure laws to rubble. Many thousands here in our state have signed the petition calling on Wisconsin legislators to authorize a statewide vote on Citizens United. The coalition of organizations involved in this push has grown to 26 groups. If you haven’t already added your name, please take a minute to do so right now. And then pass it along to your friends.

STEP 2: Educate, educate, educate. Continually raising public consciousness about the damage Citizens United is doing is critical. Just last week, the Democracy Campaign issued a report showing the ruling’s devastating impact on Wisconsin elections that prompted coverage in the state’s largest newspaper. WDC director Mike McCabe talked about it on a radio program that airs in Wausau as well as the Madison area. Mike also will be a keynote speaker at a Madison-area conference entitled “All About Citizens United” that will be held on Saturday, April 13 from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. in the BioPharmaceutical Technology Center at 5445 E. Cheryl Parkway in Fitchburg. Spread the word about this important event and please attend if you can.

STEP 3: Help the Democracy Campaign keep researching the effects of Citizens United, calling attention to the issue in print and over the airwaves, and hitting the road to do educational outreach and gather petition signatures. A tax-deductible donation of $25, $50 or whatever you can afford would be a big help right now.