See You Saturday?

In this update: 1. "All About Citizens United" forum this Saturday 2. Voting rights lobby day a week away 3. Reflections on corruption... 4. Who said it? See You Saturday?

Email date: 4/10/13

In this update:
1. “All About Citizens United” forum this Saturday
2. Voting rights lobby day a week away
3. Reflections on corruption...
4. Who said it?


“All About Citizens United” forum this Saturday
Just a reminder that Democracy Campaign director Mike McCabe will be a keynote speaker and also will lead a breakout session at Saturday’s "All About Citizens United" forum running all day at the Biopharmaceutical Technology Center in Fitchburg. Registration starts at 8 a.m. with presentations and interactive sessions lasting until 4:30. The center’s address is 5445 E. Cheryl Parkway, off Fish Hatchery Road just beyond Madison’s south side.

For those far from the Madison area, Mike will be speaking in Eau Claire next Saturday, April 20 and in Wausau on the last Sunday of the month. Mike was profiled this past week in the Wisconsin State Journal. And he was interviewed for a story being distributed today to radio stations across the state.


Voting rights lobby day a week away
The right to vote is under attack throughout the country, and some ugly truths are being exposed about the impact of efforts to dictate who has access to the ballot box and who doesn’t. A coalition of Wisconsin groups including the Democracy Campaign has come together to fight this troubling trend here in our state, organizing a lobby day for voting rights to be held next Wednesday, April 17. To sign up to participate, go here.


Reflections on corruption... Washington, D.C.

And closer to home.


Who said it?
“I have personally witnessed the work of the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign since its founding in 1995 and cannot speak more highly of the importance of their efforts to bring transparency to state government. For many years, Wisconsin’s citizens and our press corps have relied on WDC’s database of contributions and watchdog reporting as the only way to follow the money in Wisconsin’s campaigns. WDC’s work as watchdogs is even more important because of its bipartisan nature. Their investigations have led to enforcement actions that yielded some hefty fines and even criminal prosecutions resulting in convictions and jail sentences for misconduct. I have no doubt that members of both political parties are eagerly awaiting the demise of the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign.... WDC is Wisconsin’s front line of defense against corruption, and in today’s post-Citizens United world, their work is more important than ever. As unlimited, undisclosed money floods our political system, citizens and journalists need the work of WDC to hold our elected officials and candidates accountable.”

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