Now It Gets Harder

First the good news.... Things look a lot better for the Democracy Campaign in July than they did in January. Now It Gets Harder

Email date: 7/11/13

As you know, we were informed over the holidays that we were losing funding we had been receiving for 16 years from the Joyce Foundation that amounted to more than half of our income.

We immediately started tightening our belts and saving on expenses wherever we could. We had a budget for this past year of $430,600 and were able to reduce our costs by more than $53,000. We just finished our fiscal year, and our expenses for the year ended up a shade under $377,000.

We were able to do that without laying off any staff. And we kept following the money in Wisconsin politics, adding more than 32,000 new records of campaign donations to our searchable online database. We continued speaking truth to power too, getting under the skin of Republicans and Democrats alike.

While we were busy keeping our shoulders to the wheel, a truly remarkable thing happened. As word of our financial challenges spread, people from every corner of the state came to our aid. We were overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from across Wisconsin. As we close the books on the fiscal year that ended June 30, financial support from individuals is up more than 60% over last year.

To all who responded to our urgent pleas for help, THANK YOU! Amazingly, because of you, the Democracy Campaign is operating in the black.

Now the more challenging news.... It gets a lot harder going forward.

When the news came that the Joyce Foundation’s support of the Democracy Campaign was ending, we received one final $100,000 grant at the end of last year. In the coming year, we will have to make do without those funds.

That’s why we need you to help us get off on the right foot in this new fiscal year. Please consider sending a tax-deductible gift today.

In the next year, we will be pinching pennies even more than we have in the last six months. We’ve shaved another $13,000 in costs from our budget for the coming 12 months, bringing our expenses down to $364,000. But we are bound and determined to maintain our capacity to follow the money, tell the truth about what’s happening to our democracy and our state, and light the path to a better way.

To do that, we need your help. We need you to donate today if you can. And we need those who know and support our work to introduce others to the Democracy Campaign. Please tell family members, friends, neighbors and co-workers about us and ask them to join.

Over the last six or seven months, it has been enormously gratifying to learn how much you and so many others value the work we do and want us to keep doing it. We have our work cut out for us in the year to come. A tax-deductible gift of $100, $50, $35, $15 or whatever you can afford would be a welcome sight right now.

Thanks so much for your ongoing support. It means the world to us.