Packing and Moving

In this update: 1. Change of address 2. Help wanted 3. 'Citizen Koch’'filmmakers fight censorship with crowdsourcing
Packing and Moving

Email date: 7/18/13

In this update:
1. Change of address
2. Help wanted
3. ‘Citizen Koch’ filmmakers fight censorship with crowdsourcing

Change of address
The office building that has been the Democracy Campaign’s home for the last 12 years is being demolished to make way for new development, so we are packing up and moving into new quarters tomorrow. Our new address is: 203 South Paterson Street, Suite 100, Madison WI 53703.

Our phone number (608-255-4260) email addresses and website all will remain unchanged. We’re hoping for a smooth transition, but please bear with us as we get moved and situated in our new digs.


Help wanted
We hope you took the time to open and read the message we sent last week asking you to consider making a tax-deductible gift to support the Democracy Campaign’s important work. Unanticipated moving expenses are one more reason we need your help right now.


‘Citizen Koch’ filmmakers fight censorship with crowdsourcing
The producers of the documentary film “Citizen Koch” aren’t taking censorship lying down. After the movie’s billionaire subject pitched a fit and public television sought to appease him by yanking funding for the project and backtracking on a commitment to air the movie, the filmmakers turned to an online fundraising technique called crowdsourcing. The results have been goosebump-inducing.

You can send a message about where you stand on the subject of censorship by kickstarting “Citizen Koch” and helping to make sure the film is brought to audiences across the country.