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Money Out, Voters In rally at the Capitol on Oct. 8 Come Rally With Us

Money Out, Voters In rally at the Capitol on October 8

Email date: 9/27/13
Updated: 10/2/13

Where: State Capitol, on the front steps of the west (State Street) entrance
When: Tuesday, October 8 at noon

After getting the First Amendment supremely wrong in the Citizens United case and effectively removing the “r” from free speech, the U.S. Supreme Court now is taking up a new money-in-politics case. Citizens United unleashed unlimited election spending by special interest groups. In McCutcheon v. FEC, the court will consider whether to strike down overall federal limits on contributions made directly to candidates.

On October 8, the court will hear oral arguments on the case that could turn out to be the next Citizens United and open the floodgates EVEN MORE. There already is too much money in politics. The last thing we need is more money flooding our elections. But McCutcheon could do just that, as it challenges the limit on what any one individual can give to all candidates, parties and PACs in any given election cycle, otherwise known as the aggregate contribution limit.

We don’t need the Supreme Court doing any more damage to our democracy!

Join our rally in support of overturning Citizens United and stopping the next Citizens United, and join the Money Out, Voters In coalition in calling on state legislators to approve Assembly Joint Resolution 50 authorizing a statewide referendum in November 2014 asking the people of Wisconsin whether Congress should pass an amendment to the federal Constitution overturning the Citizens United ruling.

Join the event on Facebook and spread the word.

Take a stand for democracy on October 8!