A Busy Week, A Crucial Week

We hope you will take a few minutes to look over our annual report. A Busy Week, A Crucial Week

Email date: 12/12/13

We hope you will take a few minutes to look over our annual report. And we hope it inspires you to include us in your holiday-season charitable giving plans.

The Democracy Campaign was in the news this week, speaking out against the American Legislative Exchange Council, more commonly known by its acronym ALEC. The taxes we all pay to support state government already go to fund a stable of very capable nonpartisan bill drafters. But our taxes also are going to pay for a third of legislators to belong to ALEC, which enables corporate interests to write legislation for them. Close to three dozen ALEC bills were introduced in Wisconsin in the last legislative session, and over 20 of them were passed into law.

In recent days we also helped one of the state’s finest journalists show the impact of a gaping loophole in our state laws limiting campaign contributions. And we just updated our searchable online database of political donors again, adding new records of contributions made as recently as December 2.

You and a great many others depend on us to do this kind of work. We are bound and determined not to let you down. Our budget is tiny compared to the budgets of the candidate campaigns, political committees, party front groups and special interest electioneering operations we shine a spotlight on. But our efforts do cost money, and we need your financial support to carry on this important work.

If you value what the Democracy Campaign does, please consider making a generous year-end, tax deductible charitable gift. You can give online by using our secure site, or if you’d prefer to send a check you can print out a form to mail in.

The season of giving is when close to half of all charitable donations are made nationally. Holiday-season fundraising can make or break a nonprofit’s budget, and we are no exception. Please consider helping to support the Democracy Campaign’s work by sending your tax-deductible gift today.

All of us here at the Democracy Campaign are grateful for your support and wish you a joyous holiday season!