Wisconsin GOP Shouldn't Waste Our $ to Try to Keep Rigged Maps

Republican leaders in the Wisconsin legislature should get down to business and redraw our district maps in a fair way, as they’ve been ordered to do by a panel of federal judges. Wisconsin GOP Shouldn’t Waste Our $ to Try to Keep Rigged Maps

by Matthew Rothschild, Executive Director

February 2, 2017

Crumpled money and credit cards

Instead, they’re planning on wasting more of our money challenging that ruling, which condemned them for their blatantly partisan and unconstitutional redrawing of the maps in 2011.

According to a story by Patrick Marley of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, “Republicans in the Wisconsin Legislature plan to hire two law firms in hopes of overturning” the ruling. “Aides to Republican leaders declined to say Wednesday how much hiring the firms would cost taxpayers.” They also declined to identify those law firms.

It’s outrageous that the Republican leadership won’t specify how much of our taxpayer dollars they are willing to waste by challenging the ruling of the federal judges.

It’s also outrageous that they won’t tell us the names of the law firms they’re intending to hire.

Rather than fighting this ruling, they should obey it and start drawing fair maps. And they should do that in a transparent manner, with public input and public hearings, not behind locked doors in the offices of a pricey private law firm, like they did the first time around.