4 More Victories in One Day for Fair Maps in Wisconsin!

by Matthew Rothschild, Executive Director

September 20, 2017

Yesterday, Sept. 19, four more counties passed resolutions demanding an end to partisan gerrymandering in Wisconsin and urging the adoption of a process of nonpartisan district map drawing like Iowa has.

The four counties – Calumet, Rusk, Sauk, and Vernon – are the latest in a rapidly burgeoning movement of Wisconsin counties in favor of nonpartisan redistricting. Already, in the first nine months of this year, a total of 21 counties have passed such resolutions, including these four. And in previous years, eight other counties have done so, bringing the grand total to 29. (See map. And if your county hasn’t passed such a resolution yet and you’d like to help make it happen, please contact my colleague Beverly Speer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..)

The 29 counties account for more than half the population of Wisconsin, and there are plenty of “red” counties that are on board.

This is a bipartisan issue.

The people of Wisconsin are sick of the game being rigged by those in power.

This Sunday, at the annual meeting of the Wisconsin Counties Association, that group will vote on passing its own resolution in favor of nonpartisan redistricting.

Then, on Oct. 3, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear the historic Wisconsin gerrymandering case. Last November, a panel of federal judges ruled that the partisan drawing of district maps by the GOP leadership in the legislature was “unconstitutional.”

Whichever way the U.S. Supreme Court rules, the people of Wisconsin have already spoken: Wisconsinites want fair maps and clean and open government.