Fitzgerald, Vos Are Schoolyard Bullies

 by Matthew Rothschild, Executive Director

December 19, 2017

Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald and Assembly Speaker Robin Vos are nothing more than schoolyard bullies.

Throwing their power around, they are demanding that two civil servants in Wisconsin’s watchdog agencies be removed from office.

Last week, they sent a letter urging Elections Commission administrator Michael Haas and Ethics Commission administrator Brian Bell to resign, claiming that they were “partisan.”

On Friday, Fitzgerald kicked more sand in their faces, saying he would hold a vote next month to strip them of their jobs.

These tough-guy tactics come on the heels of Attorney General Brad Schimel’s grossly biased report on the John Doe II leak. But even Schimel did not urge proceedings against either Haas or Bell. In fact, you can read that 88-page report, long and hard, and you won’t find anything incriminating about either of them.

But that doesn’t concern Fitzgerald and Vos. They’re out to get anyone who was connected, in any way, to the John Doe investigations, which unearthed credible allegations of illegal and unethical behavior by Walker and the rightwing groups that support him and that dictate the agenda in the State Capitol.

Petty and vindictive, Fitzgerald and Vos are on a power trip, and they’re sending a message that if you dare to be involved in any agency that questions them, you’re going to suffer.

It’s shameful that they’re out to ruin people’s careers.

And it’s pathetic that they’re using the puny powers that they have in such an abusive manner.

On Dec. 19, Sen. Fitzgerald took the hounding of former GAB employees a step further. In a letter to Attorney General Schimel, he wrote:
“I am writing to request that the Department of Justice reopen the investigation and expand its scope to encompass all activities that the GAB staff named in your report were undertaking during the three interconnected John Doe investigations. I plan to convene the Committee on Senate Organization and seek its members’ approval to grant DOJ authorization to take this next step. . . . There is enough evidence that GAB staff were acting incompetently at best, and criminally at worst, in the years surrounding the recall elections of 2011 & 2012.”
This man will stop at nothing!