Supreme Court Decision on Maps Moves the Action to the Wisconsin Legislature

by Matthew Rothschild, Executive Director

June 18, 2018

The U.S. Supreme Court decision to punt on the Wisconsin gerrymandering case, while disappointing, does not mean -- by any stretch -- that the map-riggers have won.

The case goes back down to the lower court, where the plaintiffs will have an opportunity to prove, district by district, that their constitutional rights were violated.

While that proceeds, a mass movement is surging in Wisconsin to demand that the Wisconsin legislature change the law and ban gerrymandering.

Already, 39 county boards in Wisconsin have passed resolutions calling on the legislature to adopt independent, nonpartisan redistricting. Three-quarters of those counties passed these resolutions in the last 18 months. The 39 counties account for more than half the population of Wisconsin, and many of them are deeply conservative. Wisconsinites know, in their gut, that it’s crazy for the party in power to be able to rig the maps so that it can stay in power for 10 years.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, June 19, there will be a demonstration inside the State Capitol in Madison, sponsored by the Wisconsin Fair Maps Coalition, to demand fair maps and to ban gerrymandering, once and for all, in Wisconsin. Iowa solved this problem four decades ago, when it passed independent, nonpartisan redistricting. It Iowa can do it, we can do it here in Wisconsin.

In the last session, Sen. Dave Hansen and Rep. Don Vruwink introduced legislation (SB13/AB44 ) to enact this change and adopt the Iowa model for Wisconsin.

The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign backs that legislation, as does the Wisconsin Fair Maps Coalition.

The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign is a member of that coalition, along with a dozen other good government groups in this state.

Please come to the State Capitol at noon on Tuesday to show your support for fair maps.