17 Wisconsin Communities to Vote on Overturning Citizens United

by Matthew Rothschild, Executive Director

March 26, 2020

On Tuesday, April 7th, Wisconsin residents in seventeen communities will get to vote on whether to amend the U.S. Constitution to effectively overturn Citizens United and other egregious court decisions that have let big money run roughshod over our democracy.

The advisory referendums ask whether we should amend the Constitution to proclaim once and for all that corporations actually aren’t persons, and money actually isn’t speech.

Here are the communities that have this crucial question on your ballot:

Arbor Vitae

Boulder Junction


Eagle River


Lac du Flambeau

Manitowish Waters




Pine Lake

Plum Lake

Presque Isle





Wisconsin is a leader in the nationwide effort to amend the Constitution and limit big money in our politics. Already, 146 communities in Wisconsin have passed resolutions or referendums in favor of this idea – typically by overwhelming margins.

This is an amazing grassroots effort, spearheaded by the group Wisconsin United to Amend and by its indefatigable organizer, George Penn.

Local activists all across the state have also done a terrific job in educating members of their communities and getting this on the ballot.

Up north, two of the organizers that have worked the hardest on these upcoming referendums on April 7 are David Barnhill of Hazelhurst and Jackie Cody of Rhinelander.

“We cannot solve any of the pressing issues in front of our country as long as our politicians do not represent us, and they won’t until we get the big money out of politics,” says Barnhill.

“The people’s voices and desires are strangled by the glut and acceptance of campaign cash by elected officials,” says Cody.

The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign urges voters in these 17 communities to vote yes on April 7 on these referendums. It’s the only way to give our democracy a fighting chance.