Outside Spending Groups Make Homestretch Push for Hagedorn

March 29, 2019

Outside electioneering groups have spent nearly $2.8 million to oppose or support the candidates in next Tuesday’s Wisconsin Supreme Court election.

Six groups supporting Appeals Court Judge Lisa Neubauer have spent nearly $1.6 million and five groups backing her opponent, Appeals Court Judge Brian Hagedorn have spent about $1.2 million as of Friday morning.

Neubauer has support from mostly Democratic campaign contributors and groups, and Hagedorn has drawn support from Republican and conservative contributors and groups.

Until this week, Democratic-leaning groups backing Neubauer had dominated outside spending by as much as 14-to-1. But in recent days, Republican-leaning express advocacy groups have filed paperwork showing large, last-minute spending on broadcast and digital ads, mailings, and robocalls to support Hagedorn.

Groups backing Neubauer are:

Greater Wisconsin Committee’s issue ad and independent expenditure arms have doled out nearly $1.1 million on television and digital advertising;

Service Employees International Union (SEIU) has spent $131,140 on door hangers and canvassing;

Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin has spent about $123,700 on online advertising, brochures, and canvassers;

Wisconsin Conservation Voters has spent $100,000 on a survey and mailings;

For Our Future has spent about $98,430 for brochures, canvassing, robocalls, and digital advertising;

Center for Popular Democracy has spent about $37,050 on campaign literature and canvassing;

Groups backing Hagedorn are:

Republican State Leadership Committee has spent $888,490 on television and online advertising;

Americans for Prosperity has spent about $206,260 on canvassing, door hangings, and mailings;

Midwest Growth Fund has spent about $46,000 on mailings;

Wisconsin Family Action has spent about $26,400 on mailings and brochures;

FreedomWorks for America – Wisconsin has spent $26,220 on robocalls.

For more details about the groups, click on their names or visit the Democracy Campaign’s Hijacking Campaign 2019 feature.

In addition to the groups, the candidates have spent more than $2 million combined through March 18, led by Neubauer who has spent just over $1.1 million.