2010 Legislative Campaign by the Numbers

Statistics concerning candidates running for the Wisconsin State Legislature in fall 2010. 2010 Legislative Campaign by the Numbers

Posted: July 14, 2010
Updated: July 23, 2010

Original numbers based on nomination papers filed with the Government Accountability Board (GAB) by 5:00 PM, July 13, 2010 and published at 11:55 PM the same night. Current numbers represent changes made by the GAB as of July 22. An asterisk (*) indicates a change from the original posting.

2006 Legislative Campaign2008 Legislative Campaign

Number of legislative districts up for reelection in 2010: 116 – 17 in the Senate and all 99 in the Assembly.

Number of legislative candidates on the primary ballot for all legislative districts: 312*

Number of seats in the Legislature left "open" by departing incumbents: 23 – three in the Senate and 20 in the Assembly. That's 20% of all districts up for election.

Number of legislative candidates on the primary ballot for the open seats: 97*  (31% of all candidates)

Number of the 23 open seats with both Democratic and Republican primaries: 2

Number of Democratic candidates for the Legislature: 116*

Number of Democratic incumbents: 52

Number of Republican candidates: 170*

Number of Republican incumbents: 40

Number of Libertarian candidates: 7*

Number of Independents: 18*

Number of Independent incumbents: 1, Bob Ziegelbauer, 25th Assembly District, formerly a Democrat.

Number of Wisconsin Green Party candidates: 1

Number of legislative incumbents with primary challengers: 13 (six Democrats and seven Republicans.)

Number of incumbents unopposed in both the primary and November elections: 17 (six Democrats and eleven Republicans).

Number of districts with only one candidate on the November ballot: 25 (Eight Democrats and seventeen Republicans. See table below).

Uncontested Legislative Races on the November Ballot

S: Senate A: AssemblyD: Democrat R: Republican
†Incumbent in a primary. All unopposed candidates are incumbents.
‡Primary candidates in an open seat. The winner faces no opposition in November.
District Candidates
A03 Al Ott (R)
A06 Gary Tauchen (R)
A09 Josh Zepnick (D)
A11 Jason M. Fields (D)
A14 David L. Coon, Dennis Kaun, Dale P. Kooyenga, Chris Maurer, Michael Olen or Ryan Shulander*‡ (R)
A16 James Dieter or Leon Young† (D)
A17 Mike Erdmann or Barbara L. Toles† (D)
A18 Tamara D. Grigsby (D)
A23 Jim Ott (R)
A33 Joe Deklotz, Brian Dorow, Chris Kapenga or Steve Ksobiech‡ (R)
A39 Jeff Fitzgerald (R)
A53 Richard J. Spanbauer (R)
A55 Dean Kaufert (R)
A56 Michelle Litjens, Jim Pleuss or Jay Schroeder‡ (R)
A58 Jeff Kling or Pat Strachota† (R)
A59 Daniel R. LeMahieu (R)
A60 Mark Gottlieb (R)
A63 Robin Vos (R)
A65 John Steinbrink (D)
A69 Scott Suder (R)
A78 Mark Pocan (D)
A81 Kelda Helen Roys (D)
A82 Larry Gamble or Jeff Stone† (R)
S19 Michael Ellis (R)
S33 Tim Dietrich or Rich Zipperer‡ (R)

2006 Legislative Campaign2008 Legislative Campaign