2008 Spending by Legislative Candidates: Candidates by Spending

Table of spending by Legislative candidates (by spending).

Legislative Races Cost Record $20 Million In ’08

Legislative candidates and special interest groups that sponsored mostly smear ads and mailings spent a record $20.2 million in last November’s elections, according to a Wisconsin Democracy Campaign review.

Supreme Court Ruling and Important Step in Reform

Any citizen who has to appear in court should have absolute confidence that the judge will be fair and impartial. But campaign spending in recent Supreme Court elections in Wisconsin and other states has left the public wondering if the judges they elect will deliver justice based on the law, or on who made the biggest campaign gift.

Candidate Finance Reports Still Unavailable To Public After Four Months

The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign filed an open records request Monday for campaign finance reports for 22 legislative candidates and officeholders that are still unavailable to the public four months after they were due.

Testimony of the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign on Senate Bill 40/Assembly Bill 65 and Senate Bill 43/Assembly Bill 63

Thank you for holding this hearing. The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign strongly supports both the Impartial Justice bill (SB 40/AB 65) and the Electioneering Disclosure bill (SB 43/AB63).

Smear Groups Spend Nearly $1.3 Million In High Court, School Super Races

Special interest groups spent an estimated $1.27 million mostly on negative television advertising in the two statewide races for the Wisconsin Supreme Court and state school superintendent, according to a preliminary tally of total spring election spending by the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign.

Flaw in Wisconsin Open Government Laws Can Lead to Costly Litigation, Study Finds

Groups requesting public information are often forced into expensive and cumbersome litigation against public bodies because of rigidities within Wisconsin’s public disclosure laws, according to a study released Wednesday by the Citizen Advocacy Center in celebration of Sunshine Week (March 15-21).

New Campaign Finance Reporting System Shows Erroneous Reports For Doyle, Others

Campaign finance reports posted on a new state electronic reporting system for Governor Jim Doyle and other statewide officeholders, legislators and political action committees are riddled with erroneous information, a review by the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign shows.

WDC launches impartialjustice.org

The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign went online today with a new web site, www.impartialjustice.org, devoted to identifying and combatting threats to the independence of Wisconsin’s justice system – and the state Supreme Court in particular.

New Campaign Finance Reporting System Hurting Public Access to Accurate Information

A new electronic campaign finance reporting system is generating inaccurate fundraising and spending reports for some state candidates and political committees, the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign has found.

Wisconsin Democracy Campaign Statement on Assembly Fundraising Ban During the State Budget Process

The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign applauds state Assembly leaders who approved a rule today to ban campaign fundraising by members of the Assembly during the upcoming state budget process.

New Guidelines Help Judicial Candidates Resist Special Interest Pressures

Civic groups in five Great Lakes states are calling on more than 700 judicial candidates to follow new campaign conduct guidelines that help them steer clear of special interest pressures and political agendas.

Wealthy Outsiders Control Legislators’ Job Security

Legislators collectively accepted $2 of every $3 in large individual contributions in 2007 from special interests who lived outside their districts and could not vote for them, a Wisconsin Democracy Campaign analysis shows.

Wisconsin Democracy Campaign Testimony at Informational Hearing on Campaign Finance Reform

Wisconsin Democracy Campaign Statement on Government Accountability Board action on new disclosure rules for special interest election campaigning

In approving new rules requiring special interest groups to fully disclose their electioneering activities and abide by existing state campaign contribution limits, the state Government Accountability Board today struck an important blow for the public’s right to know and helped put the “r” back in free speech.
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