2008 Legislative Campaign by the Numbers

Statistics for the 2008 campaign for the Wisconsin State Legislature. 2008 Legislative Campaign by the Numbers

Posted: July 9, 2008
Updated: September 25, 2008

Numbers based on final determination of ballot status made by the Government Accountability Board on July 16, 2008. Barring court challenges these numbers are final through the primary election in September. Numbers changed from original posting have an asterisk (*) next to them.

Note: On August 13 we discovered that a minor coding error collapsed the last three items together when viewed in Internet Explorer. We have corrected the error and apologize for any inconvenience.

Number of legislative districts up for reelection in 2008: 115 – 16 in the Senate and all 99 in the Assembly.

Number of candidates on the primary ballot for all legislative districts: 269*

Number of seats left "open" by departing incumbents: 13 – two in the Senate and 11 in the Assembly. That's 11% of all districts.

Number of candidates on the primary ballot for the open seats: 64* – 24% of all candidates.

Number of Democratic candidates: 146*

Number of Republican candidates: 111

Number of Libertarian candidates: Five*

Number of Independents: Seven*

Number of Wisconsin Green Party candidates: 0

Number of incumbents with primary challengers: 11* (Eight Democrats* and three Republicans.

Number of incumbents unopposed in both the primary and November elections: 25* (18 Democrats* and seven Republicans**).

Number of unopposed incumbents who are freshmen: Two, Senator Luther Olsen (R), District 16 and Senator Mark Miller (D), District 14. Both were members of the Assembly before they were elected to the Senate.

Number of districts with only one candidate on the November ballot: 33* (25 Democrats*, eight Republicans**. See table below).

Number of candidates appearing on the November ballot: 203

*Updated on July 17 for GAB-made changes to the ballot on July 16, 2008. Updated again on August 29, 2008 after the Trempealeau County Circuit Court added another Democractic candidate, John Kimmel, to the ballot in Assembly District 91 on August 27, 2008. September 25 update: Republican Don Moga, was added to the November ballot for the 67th Assembly District after he received a sufficient number of qualifying write-in votes in the September 9th primary. Unless noted otherwise all numbers apply to candidates actually appearing on the primary ballot. Don Moga is not counted.

**This originally included Assembly District 67 where incumbent Representative Jeff Wood, who has served three terms in the Assembly as a Republican, is running as an Independent in the upcoming election. Republican Don Moga, was added to the November ballot for the 67th Assembly District after he received a sufficient number of qualifying write-in votes in the September 9th primary.

Uncontested Legislative Races on the November Ballot

District Candidates
S02 Robert Cowles (R)
S04 Lena C. Taylor (D)
S06* G. Spencer Coggs (D)
S14 Luther Olsen (R)
S16 Mark Miller (D)
S26* Fred Risser (D)
S28 Mary Lazich (R)
A08 Pedro Colon†, Jose Guzman or Laura L. Manriquez (D)
A09 Josh Zepnick (D)
A10 Charisha Allen or Annette Polly Williams† (D)
A11* Jason M. Fields (D)
A12 Frederick P Kessler (D)
A13 David Cullen (D)
A16 Richard M. Badger, David D. King, Andy Parker or Leon Young† (D)
A17 Samantha H. Bady or Barbara L. Toles† (D)
A18 Tamara D Grigsby (D)
A19 Jon Richards (D)
A20 Phillip Landowski, Christine Sinicki† or Steven Sutherland (D)
A25 Bob Ziegelbauer (D)
A33 Scott Newcomer (R)
A44 Mike Sheridan (D)
A48 Joseph T. Parisi (D)
A59 Daniel R. LeMahieu† or Karl McCarty (R)
A64 Peter Barca, Jim Huff or Michael J. Orth‡ (D)
A75 Mary Hubler (D)
A76 Terese Berceau (D)
A77 Spencer Black (D)
A78 Mark Pocan (D)
A81 Eric Englund, Peng Her, Tim Kiefer, John W. Laubmeier,
Kelda Helen Roys, Justin Sargent‡ (D)
A82 Jeff Stone (R)
A84 Mark Gundrum (R)
A95 Jennifer Shilling (D)
A99 Don Pridemore (R)
S: Senate A: Asssembly D: Democrat R: Republican I: Independent
†Incumbent in a primary. All unopposed candidates are incumbents.
‡Primary candidates in an open seat. The winner faces no opposition in November.

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