2006 Legislative Campaign by the Numbers

2006 Legislative campaign statistics. 2006 Legislative Campaign by the Numbers

Posted: July 13, 2006
Updated: October 2, 2006

Updated from original posting to reflect changes made by the Elections and Ethics Boards. Changes are marked with an *.

Number of legislative districts up for reelection in 2006: 116 – 17 in the Senate and all 99 in the Assembly

Number of candidates on the ballot for all legislative districts: 243*

Number of seats left "open" by departing incumbents: 12 – one in the Senate and 11 in the Assembly. 10% of all districts.

Number of candidates on the ballot for the open seats: 49* – 20% of all candidates.

Number of Democratic candidates: 119*

Number of Republican candidates: 115*

Number of Libertarian candidates: 0

Number of Wisconsin Green Party candidates: Three

Number of Constitution Party candidates: One*

Number of Independents: Five

Number of incumbents with primary challengers: 13

Number of incumbents unopposed in both the primary and November elections: 36* (23* Democrats and 13* Republicans, see table below)

Number of unopposed incumbents who are freshmen: Eight*

Number of incumbents unopposed in both the primary and November elections in 2004: 33 (15 Democrats and 18 Republicans).

Number of unopposed incumbents who were freshmen in 2004: Ten

Number incumbents unopposed in the both the primary and November elections in 2002: 38 (19 Democrats and Republicans each).

Number of unopposed incumbents who were freshmen in 2002: Five

Number of those incumbents running in "new districts" as a result of redistricting: Two

Number of districts with only one candidate on the November ballot: 42* (See table below).

*On July 17 the Ethics Board disqualified 72nd Assembly District Republican candidate Thomas Ziegler for failure to file a mandatory statement of economic interest.

On July 19, the Elections Board removed 66th Assembly Democratic candidate JoEllyn Storz from the ballot. Following a challenge to her nomination papers, the Board concluded she did not have enough valid signatures.

In early August the Elections Board removed 12th Assembly Constitution Party candidate Colin Hudson from the fall ballot.

Two candidates who had too few signatures were added to the ballot in Assembly Districts 6 and 33 after correcting minor technical problems.

A write-in Democratic candidate in Assembly District 39 received enough votes in the September 12th primary to qualify for the November ballot. The incumbent in that district was originally unopposed.

Uncontested Legislative Races on the November Ballot

District Candidates
A02 Lasee, Frank (R)
A07 Peggy Krusick (D)
A08 Pedro Colon (D)
A09 Josh Zepnick (D)
A10 Annette Polly Williams (D)
A11 Jason M. Fields† (D)
A12 Frederick P. Kessler† (D)*
A15 Tony Staskunas (D)
A16 Andrew Parker or Leon Young± (D)
A18 Tamara D. Grigsby† (D)
A19 Jon Richards (D)
A20 Christine Sinicki (D)
A21 Mark Honadel (R)
A22 Sheldon Wasserman (D)
A24 Suzanne Jeskewitz± or John F.W. Weber (R)**
A27 Steve Kestell (R)
A35 Donald Friske (R)
A45 Chuck Benedict† (D)
A46 Gary Hebl† (D)
A52 John Townsend (R)
A53 Carol Owens± or Richard J. Spanbauer (R)**
A58 Pat Strachota† (R)
A59 Daniel R. LeMahieu (R)
A60 Mark Gottlieb (R)
A61 Robert Turner (D)
A64 James Kreuser (D)
A65 John Steinbrink (D)
A73 Frank Boyle± or Bruce Meyers (D)**
A76 Terese Berceau (D)
A77 Spencer Black (D)
A78 Mark Pocan (D)
A79 Sondy Pope-Roberts (D)
A81 Henry Sanders, Jr. or David Travis± (D)**
A82 Jeff Stone (R)
A84 Mark Gundrum (R)
A95 Jennifer Shilling (D)
A99 Don Pridemore† (R)
S03 Tim Carpenter† (D)
S13 Scott Fitzgerald (R)
S19 Michael Ellis (R)
S27 Jon Erpenbach (D)
*Open Seat
**Primary candidates. The winner faces no opposition in November.
±Incumbent in a primary. All unopposed candidates are incumbents.