Green's PAC Money Violates State Campaign Finance Laws in More Ways Than One

Republican candidate for governor Mark Green is using nearly $468,000 in contributions from political action committees that could not make donations to Wisconsin candidates, a Wisconsin Democracy Campaign review has found. Green’s PAC Money Violates State Campaign Finance Laws in More Ways Than One

Review finds donations came from PACs not registered in Wisconsin

August 22, 2006


The contributions were part of $511,405 in PAC contributions he received between 2002 and January 2005 as a congressman, and later transferred to his state campaign account to run for governor. State law requires PACs that want to contribute to candidates for legislative and statewide offices in Wisconsin to register with the state Elections Board.

This requirement is important because the registration statement discloses information important to the public – such as the organization, business or other type of group that is using the committee to contribute to and influence the candidates.

The WDC review of Green’s transferred PAC contributions found that $467,844.60 came from federal committees that have never registered to do business in Wisconsin, or registered well after the contributions were made or Green’s account transfer occurred (See Table 1). Only $43,560.71 came from PACs registered with the Elections Board when the contributions were made (See Table 2).

The Elections Board agreed to review Green’s transferred PAC contributions at an August 30 meeting in response to a July 24 Democracy Campaign memo to board members urging them to enforce the legal limit of $485,000 that a candidate for governor may raise from PACs in a four-year election cycle. In addition to the $511,405 in PAC contributions he transferred from his federal campaign account, Green has raised an additional $156,140 in PAC contributions for a total of $667,545.

In a memo sent to board members today, WDC is asking the Elections Board to require Green to comply with state campaign finance laws governing both the amount and the source of PAC contributions he can accept.

Unregistered PACsRegistered PACs

Table 1
Contributions Transferred from Unregistered Political Action Committees
by Republican Candidate for Governor Mark Green

AAPS PAC (Assn America Physicians & Surgeons) $2,000.00
AFIT PAC (Automobile Free International Trade) $3,000.00
AFSA PAC (American Financial Services Assn) $1,500.00
AFSCME PAC - Federal $1,000.00
ALLETE PAC $500.00
Alliant Employees PAC – Federal $2,000.00
Allianz Life Insurance PAC $1,250.00
Altria PAC – Federal $7,000.00
American Assn of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons $2,500.00
American Bankers Assn (BANKPAC) $9,500.00
American Community Bankers (SAPEPAC) $3,000.00
American Council of Life Insurers PAC $1,942.78
American Dental Assn $1,000.00
American Express PAC $2,000.00
American Family Insurance Federal PAC $4,000.00
American Federation of Government Employees $500.00
American Forest & Paper Association PAC $1,086.32
American Hospital Assn (AHA PAC) $4,000.00
American Institute of CPAs $2,500.00
American Medical Assn (AMPAC) $10,000.00
American Motorcyclist $1,500.00
American Podiatric Medical Assn $3,000.00
American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASAPAC) $2,000.00
American Trucking PAC $2,000.00
AMI PAC (American Meat Institute) $1,000.00
Anheuser-Busch PAC $2,500.00
AOL Time Warner Inc $1,000.00
Appraisal Institute $1,000.00
ARM PAC (Americans for a Republican Majority) $2,000.00
ASCAP PAC $1,300.00
Associated Builders & Contractors PAC $8,500.00
Associated General Contractors of America PAC $3,000.00
Associated Milk Producers (AMPIPAC) $1,500.00
Bank of America $1,500.00
Bankruptcy Trustees PAC $3,500.00
Bellsouth Corp Employees Federal PAC $2,000.00
BlueRibbon Coalition PAC $500.00
Burnham Committee (Chicago, IL) $500.00
Bush/Cheney '04 $1,000.00
Capital One PAC $500.00
Carpenters Legislative Improvement Committee $15,000.00
Caterpillar Employees PAC $2,000.00
Cenex Harvest States PAC (CHS Inc) $500.00
Chicago Board of Options Exchange $1,000.00
Cigna PAC $2,000.00
Committee on Letter Carriers Political Education $1,000.00
Concrete PAC (National Ready Mixed Concrete Assn) $1,000.00
Conservative Victory Fund PAC $965.50
Countrywide Financial PAC $1,000.00
Credit Union Legislative Action Council CUNA $5,500.00
Deloitte & Touche Federal PAC $5,000.00
Dykema Gossett PAC $1,000.00
EBAY PAC $500.00
Eli Lilly PAC – Federal $5,500.00
Engineers Political Education Committee (Intl Union) $4,500.00
FannieMae PAC $2,000.00
Farm Credit Council $1,500.00
Financial Services Center of America PAC $500.00
Financial Services Roundtable PAC $1,000.00
FIRE PAC (Intl Assn of Firefighters) $2,000.00
Foley & Lardner PAC $1,000.00
Food Marketing Institute PAC $1,600.00
Freedom Project $5,000.00
General Electric PAC – Federal $2,500.00
Georgia Pacific Employees Fund PAC - Federal $8,500.00
GlaxoSmithKline PAC - Federal $5,500.00
H&R Block PAC $500.00
Hardwood Federation PAC $5,000.00
Healthy Wisconsin Federal PAC $1,300.00
Hibernia PAC $1,000.00
Home Depot PAC $1,000.00
Humana PAC $5,000.00
Humane USA PAC - Federal $1,000.00
International Paper PAC Federal $3,500.00
Ice Cream Milk & Cheese PAC (Intl Dairy Foods Assn) $1,500.00
Independent Community Bankers of America $1,000.00
Independent Insurance Agents of America (INSURPAC) $2,000.00
ITW Better Government PAC (Illinois Tool Works) $2,000.00
Joy Global PAC $1,000.00
Banc One Corp $10,000.00
JP Morgan Chase State & Federal PAC $2,500.00
Kemper Insurance PAC $500.00
KPMG PAC $3,000.00
Laborers Political League - Intl Union of NA $2,000.00
Land O' Lakes/Agriliance LLC PAC $3,000.00
Leadership 2004 PAC $1,000.00
Liberty Mutual PAC – Federal $2,000.00
Limited Brands PAC $1,000.00
Lumber Dealers PAC (Natl Lumber & Bldg Materials Dealers) $1,000.00
Machine Tool PAC (Assn for Mfg Technology) $500.00
Major League Baseball PAC $2,500.00
Manitowoc Company PAC $6,500.00
Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI PAC) $4,900.00
Massachusetts Mutual PAC $1,000.00
MayPAC (May Dept Stores) $2,000.00
MBNA PAC $2,000.00
MetLife PAC $1,500.00
Microsoft PAC $5,000.00
Miller Brewing PAC - Federal $3,000.00
Milwaukee Police Assn PAC – Federal $8,500.00
Mortgage Bankers PAC $2,000.00
Mortgage Insurance Companies of America $1,500.00
Motion Picture Assn PAC $1,000.00
NAMIC PAC (Natl Assn Mutual Insurance Companies) $1,000.00
NAPUS PAC for Postmasters $300.00
National Assn Insurance & Financial Advisors $6,000.00
National Assn of Beverage Retailers (NABRPAC) $500.00
National Assn of Broadcasters Television & Radio $1,000.00
National Assn of Federal Credit Unions PAC $1,500.00
National Assn of Home Builders (BUILD PAC) $12,500.00
National Assn Real Estate Investment Trusts (NAREI) $1,500.00
National Auto Dealers Assn (NADA or DEAC) $15,000.00
National Beer Wholesalers Assn (NBWA PAC) $14,000.00
National Franchisee Assn PAC $500.00
National Hardwood Lumber Assn PAC $2,000.00
National League of Postmasters PAC $1,000.00
National Restaurant Assn $4,500.00
National Rural Letter Carriers Assn $1,000.00
National Venture Capital PAC (VenturePAC) $4,000.00
Natl Assn of Convenience Stores PAC (NACS) $7,000.00
NFIB Safe Trust PAC - Federal $500.00
Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance (NML FEDPAC) $11,500.00
NRA Political Victory Fund PAC Federal $5,000.00
Nuclear Management PAC $1,000.00
OpPAC (Oppenheimer Funds) $1,000.00
Oshkosh Truck PAC $3,000.00
Owens Corning PAC $2,000.00
Penney PAC $1,000.00
Pepsico Concerned Cititzens PAC Federal $1,000.00
Plum Creek Timber PAC - Federal $2,000.00
Petroleum Marketers Assn America/Small Business $2,000.00
Pfizer Pac - Federal $6,000.00
Praxair PAC $500.00
PriceWaterhouse PAC I $2,500.00
Realtors PAC (IL) $15,000.00
Red Gold PAC $150.00
RJR PAC (RJ Reynolds) $2,500.00
Safari Club PAC $5,500.00
Salem Communications PAC $1,000.00
SBC Communications Inc (SBC EMPAC) $11,000.00
Secura PAC $500.00
SIGMA PAC (Independent Gas Marketers America) $3,000.00
Sony Pictures Entertainment $2,000.00
Swidler Berlin Shereff Friedman LLP PAC $500.00
Tank Truck Carriers PAC $500.00
Target PAC $1,000.00
Thyssenkrupp Budd Citizenship PAC $2,000.00
Title Industry $10,000.00
Transportation PAC (United Transportation Union) $1,000.00
United Parcel Service of America (UPSPAC) $1,500.00
US Telephone Assn PAC $500.00
USINPAC $2,000.00
Valero PAC $1,000.00
Verizon Communications Good Government PAC $2,500.00
Viacom PAC $1,000.00
Wachovia PAC II $2,000.00
WAL PAC (Wal-Mart Federal) $2,500.00
Washington Mutual PAC $3,500.00
Wausau Insurance PAC (Federal) $500.00
Wellpoint PAC $3,000.00
Wells Fargo Employee PAC $3,500.00
Weyerhaeuser PAC $1,000.00
WI Medical Society PAC - Federal $200.00
Wisconsin Energy PAC -Federal $2,500.00
WPS Resources Corp PAC - Federal $1,350.00
TOTAL $467,844.60

Table 2
Contributions Transferred From Registered Political Action Committees
by Republican Candidate for Governor Mark Green

American Medical Security PAC - Federal $10,000.00
AO Smith PAC - Federal $1,000.00
Assurant PAC - Federal $10,000.00
Citizens for Bonnie Ladwig $50.00
Citizens for Frank Lasee $100.00
Citizens for Hoven $250.00
Citizens Supporting Ainsworth $25.00
Door County Republican Party $850.00
House PAC (HSBC North America) $1,000.00
Jadin For Mayor (Green Bay) $200.00
Kewaunee County Republican Party $200.00
Marcelle for Brown County Clerk $343.00
Outback Steakhouse PAC $2,000.00
Procter & Gamble PAC - Federal $2,500.00
Property Casualty Insurers PAC $2,000.00
Republican Party of Wisconsin $3,052.84
Rock for State Senate Committee $50.00
Ron Greer Committee $100.00
TDS Telecom PAC – Federal $1,250.00
Thrivent PAC - Federal $7,000.00
US Bancorp (Federal PAC) $1,000.00
Vilas County Republican Party $100.00
Waupaca County Republican Party $300.00
Weycker For Assembly $189.87
TOTAL $43,560.71