Ethics Survey Reopened for Late Responses

The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, League of Women Voters of Wisconsin and Common Cause in Wisconsin have agreed to reopen the ethics questionnaire the three groups sent to candidates for state office and accept responses through November 1. Ethics Survey Reopened for Late Responses

August 21, 2006

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Surveys were mailed in July to all Senate candidates in the 17 districts up for election in 2006 and also to candidates in all 99 state Assembly districts, as well as to all candidates for governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, secretary of state and state treasurer. Candidates were given two weeks to answer the questionnaire prior to public release of the responses.

A number of candidates contacted the reform groups after the deadline expressing interest in responding to the questions.

“It’s clear quite a few candidates who initially declined to answer our questions had second thoughts about their decision after being contacted by voters and news reporters,” Democracy Campaign director Mike McCabe said. “The public has put candidates’ feet to the fire and now a considerable number of additional candidates have chosen to take a public stand on ethics legislation. The more candidates we can pin down on these issues the better.”

While survey answers from candidates are being accepted through November 1, the responses of those who missed the original July 24 deadline will be noted as late. Revisions to already posted responses will not be accepted.

Questionnaire and Responses