WDC Opposed Gay Marriage Amendment

The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign is opposed to the proposed constitutional amendment prohibiting gay marriage and civil unions and urges a “no” vote in November on ratification of the amendment.

People's Legislature to Hold 'Public Telling'

In the absence of public hearings to get citizen input on campaign finance reform legislation and other reform measures, the People’s Legislature announced it is holding a “public telling” on Monday, January 23 to give the governor and legislative leaders an opportunity to tell the public where they stand on the issues.

Bipartisan Agreement Reached on Ethics Reform

At a Capitol press conference this morning, Governor Jim Doyle and top legislative leaders from both parties and both houses of the Legislature announced an agreement in principle on ethics enforcement reform legislation that will be acted upon in a special session of the Legislature in early January.

Political Ads Account for 2.5 Times More Air Time Than Election Coverage on Local TV Newscasts

Milwaukee TV stations air more crime, slightly less election coverage than 5-state average; Madison stations air more campaign coverage than crime stories

No More Excuses! Ethics Reform Has Enough Votes

A clear majority of Wisconsin’s newly elected state Legislature supports a bill to replace the state elections and ethics boards with a tougher and more politically independent enforcement agency to investigate and punish violations of state campaign finance and ethics laws, a Wisconsin Democracy Campaign analysis shows.

Shadow Groups Send Another $705,000 to Pro-Doyle Issue Ad Group

One of the unregulated groups running negative advertisements in Wisconsin’s race for governor received nearly $705,000 in a two-month period from three Washington-based unions and a group representing Democratic governors, the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign has found.

Diocese Pro-Referendum Flier Violates State Law: The Flier

Diocese Pro-Referendum Flier Violates State Law

The Flier

October 17, 2006

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Cover Interior Back

Press Release

Diocese Pro-Referendum Flier Violates State Law

The Catholic Diocese of Madison violated state campaign finance laws by distributing fliers telling people to vote for a proposed constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage and civil unions without publicly disclosing its electioneering activity, according to the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign.

Election Coverage Accounts for 36 Seconds of Typical 30-Minute Local TV Newscast, UW Analysis Shows

Milwaukee TV election coverage parallels 5-state average, Madison stations air almost twice as much; Campaign strategy and horserace stories dominate limited election coverage by local TV news

WDC Files FEC Complaint Against Green

The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign filed a complaint Wednesday with the Federal Election Commission arguing Congressman Mark Green violated federal campaign finance law when he transferred $1,285,974 from his federal campaign account to a state campaign account to run for governor.

Legislative Candidates Amass Record War Chests: Candidates Listed Alphabetically

Table listing 2006 legislative candidates alphabetically with their pre-primary fundraising and ending cash balances.

Legislative Candidates Amass Record War Chests: Candidates by Cash on Hand

Table showing 2006 legislative candidates by amount of cash on hand by end of the pre-primary period.

Legislative Candidates Amass Record War Chests: Candidates by Total Raised

Table listing 2006 legislative candidates by total raised during pre-primary period.

Legislative Candidates Amass Record War Chests

Legislative candidates had a record $5.1 million in their campaign accounts with incumbents holding a $6 to $1 cash advantage over their challengers a little more than two months before the November 7 general election, a Wisconsin Democracy Campaign review shows.

Landmark Survey of Public Attitudes Shows Distrust of Government, Faith in Reform

Concern among Wisconsin residents about corruption in state government and the influence of money in state politics runs even higher than concern about bread-and-butter issues such as the economy and education, according to a new landmark public opinion survey conducted by Belden, Russonello & Stewart, an independent research firm in Washington, D.C.

Wisconsin Democracy Campaign Testimony on Mark Green's PAC Money

WDC testimony before Wisconsin State Elections Board advocating that gubernatorial candidate Green be denied the use of PAC funds collected as a member of U.S. Congress.

Elections Board's Decision to Enforce State Laws Governing PAC Contributions

The state Elections Board did the right thing today. By determining that a substantial portion of the campaign money from special interest political action committees that Congressman Mark Green has accumulated to help finance his campaign for governor does not comply with state campaign finance laws, the Board acted in the public interest and struck a blow for longstanding protections in state law guarding against special interest ownership of our government.

Groups Call for All Three Candidates in Gubnernatorial Debates

The League of Women Voters of Wisconsin, Common Cause in Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign were pleased to see that We The People/Wisconsin has scheduled two gubernatorial debates. However, the events will fall short of their goal to bring complete and unbiased information to the public if they do not include all three candidates for Governor.

Green's PAC Money Violates State Campaign Finance Laws in More Ways Than One

Republican candidate for governor Mark Green is using nearly $468,000 in contributions from political action committees that could not make donations to Wisconsin candidates, a Wisconsin Democracy Campaign review has found.

Ethics Survey Reopened for Late Responses

The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, League of Women Voters of Wisconsin and Common Cause in Wisconsin have agreed to reopen the ethics questionnaire the three groups sent to candidates for state office and accept responses through November 1.

Legislators Favor Campaign Contributors Over Safe Water

A proposal to reduce incidents of drinking water being polluted by manure was rejected by legislators because a small group of large agribusiness interests, who complained the rules were too strict, have spent nearly $916,000 on legislative elections since 2000, the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign says.

Legislative Fundraising = Bid-ness As Usual: Candidates Listed Alphabetically

Alphabetical listing of 2006 candidates with fundraising and cash balance from first half of the election year.

Legislative Fundraising = Bid-ness As Usual: Candidates by Cash on Hand

All candidates in 2006 listed by cash on hand on June 30, 2006.
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