Democracy Campaign to Air TV Ad

To reach a broader audience with an indictment of dysfunctional state government and a call to action on behalf of political reform, the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign will begin airing a television ad in several state TV markets in the next week. Democracy Campaign to Air TV Ad

January 24, 2005

Madison - (Watch ad.)

The animated 30-second ad features a depiction of a fiddler with two heads - an elephant’s and a donkey’s - and a Capitol engulfed in flames. The ad will air on stations in Milwaukee, Green Bay, Madison, Eau Claire, La Crosse and Wausau.

Here is the ad’s script:


There are a lot of burning issues at the state Capitol . . .

billion-dollar deficits . . .

vanishing manufacturing jobs . . .

a health care crisis . . .

and felony charges against legislative leaders.

It’s time to put out the fires . . .

And stop this incessant fiddling.

Demand clean government and REAL democracy.

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