Environmental Deregulation Littered with Big Money

Republican legislators and Democratic Governor Jim Doyle have received nearly $8 million or 3.8 times more in campaign contributions from wealthy supporters than from opponents of an environmental deregulation bill and another proposal to ease the financial and legal liability of big business, a Wisconsin Democracy Campaign analysis shows.

'Have-Mores Clean Up at Corporate Welfare Trough

Millions of dollars a year in aid meant to help low and middle income people get good jobs are being diverted by the state to corporate welfare, with by far the biggest handouts going to contributors to state election campaigns, according to a report by the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign.

One Person, One Vote, No Voice

Half of the Wisconsin legislators elected last November accepted two-thirds or more of their large individual campaign contributions in the 2004 election cycle from wealthy special interests who could not vote for them, a Wisconsin Democracy Campaign analysis shows.

Communities Losing to Big Contributors

Wealthy special interests are blocking communities from tailoring laws that best fit the needs and wishes of their citizens because they contribute millions of dollars to state policymakers who concoct state laws that prohibit local decision-making to benefit big campaign contributors, a Wisconsin Democracy Campaign report shows.

Legislative Leaders Continue to Milk Budget Cash Cow

Legislative leaders and the four leadership committees they control raised 56 percent of the $1.36 million in contributions gleaned from special interests by all legislators while they were considering the 2005-07 state budget, a Wisconsin Democracy Campaign analysis shows.

Doyle Tapping Wealthy Special Interests Far and Wide

Democratic Governor Jim Doyle accepted more than $200,000 in campaign contributions during the first six months of 2005 from wealthy out-of-state donors who also give generously to shadow groups that spend millions nationally on negative campaign advertising, a Wisconsin Democracy Campaign review shows.

People's Legislature to Lobbyists’ Legislature: Sweep It Clean

The multipartisan citizen movement known as the People’s Legislature today called for a special session on political reform to address growing corruption in Wisconsin politics and rehabilitate the state’s ailing democracy.

New Reform Bill Keeps Soft Money Loophole

Wealthy special interests and phony front groups like All Children Matter, Americans for a Brighter Tomorrow and Citizens for Wisconsin’s Future will continue to be able to avoid disclosing their political donations and skirt campaign contribution limits in state law under a soon-to-be-introduced campaign finance reform bill, the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign said today.

Contributions Recharge Nuke Plant Sale

Democratic Governor Jim Doyle accepted $41,550 in campaign contributions from two utilities shortly after a state panel controlled by Doyle appointees first denied, then reopened and approved the controversial $220 million sale of the utilities’ Kewaunee nuclear power plant, a Wisconsin Democracy Campaign analysis shows.

Shady Donors Funnel Money To Wisconsin Governor Candidates

The three Republican and Democratic candidates for governor next year have accepted nearly $23,000 since 2003 from Illinois contributors who have been convicted or indicted of extortion, fraud, bribery or other crimes, or who are connected to state and federal criminal investigations, the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign has found.

Feingold Receives 'Mr. Smith Award'

U.S. Senator Russ Feingold was presented the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign’s Mr. Smith Award at WDC’s 10th anniversary event on Monday, November 21 at the Edgewater Hotel in Madison.

Green Keeps Greenbacks Out of Voters View: Table

Table showing contributors to Mark Green missing occupation or employer information.

Green Keeps Greenbacks Out of Voters’ View

Republican candidate Mark Green has not fully disclosed the source of more than $387,000 worth of large special interest campaign contributions he is using to run for governor in 2006, the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign has found.

Media Reform Coalition Challenges Milwaukee TV Stations’ Licenses

coalition of groups calling itself the Milwaukee Public Interest Media Coalition today filed a petition with the Federal Communications Commission challenging the renewal of all commercial television licenses in the Milwaukee market because of a marketwide failure of local stations to serve the public interest by meaningfully covering 2004 state and local election campaigns.

People’s Legislature to Meet Lobbyists’ Legislature

After 10 months spent enlisting the state’s growing ranks of “politically homeless” citizens into a statewide grassroots reform movement, the next step for the People’s Legislature is to converge on the people’s house.

Three Already Violate Annual Contribution Limit

Three wealthy contributors already have violated the annual $10,000 limit on campaign contributions to state political candidates and committees, including a Milwaukee attorney who violated the limit in 2002, according to a Wisconsin Democracy Campaign analysis.

Legislative Leaders Continue to Milk Budget Cash Cow: Appendix

Tables showing how much campaign cash legislators raised in the first six months of 2005.

Playing the Taxpayers for Fools

Democratic Governor Jim Doyle’s proposed state budget and a handful of GOP legislative proposals could cost taxpayers at least $118 each a year because policymakers refuse to curtail special interest perks benefiting big campaign contributors to help close a $1.6 billion budget deficit, according to a Wisconsin Democracy Campaign report.

Contribution Limit Violations Plummet

The number of well-heeled contributors who violate the $10,000 annual limit on total contributions to committees and candidates for state and local offices dropped in 2004 to one, the lowest number since 1999, according to a Wisconsin Democracy Campaign review.

Environmental Deregulation Littered with Big Money: Tables

Tables showing contributions from supporters and opponents of Assembly Bills 277 and 278.

State Donors Gave $24 Million to Fed Campaigns

Wisconsin residents contributed $23.96 million to federal candidates, parties, political action committees and unregulated groups in the 2003-04 election cycle, including $1.2 million to congressional candidates outside the state, a Wisconsin Democracy Campaign analysis shows.

Campaign Fundraising, Spending Smash Records: Candidate Spending

Table with all 2004 legislative candidate spending. Candidates listed in descending order by spending.

Wisconsin Democracy Campaign Analysis of Campaign Finance Reform Legislation (SB 46)

Campaign finance reform legislation has been introduced this session as 2005 Senate Bill 46. The proposed legislation contains many good reform elements. But as it is currently written SB 46 is akin to a prototype of a futuristic automobile that does not have a working engine. It looks good in the showroom but it would not perform on the road.

31 Groups Back Reform Agenda

A coalition of more than two dozen public interest groups collectively representing hundreds of thousands of Wisconsin citizens today issued a renewed call for political reforms restoring competitive elections, clean campaigns and vigorous ethics enforcement.

Special Interest Campaigning Reaches New Peak

Special interests spent a record $6.65 million on mostly negative advertising and mailings in 2004 legislative elections, more than quintupling what they spent a mere eight years ago and far surpassing what candidates in the most competitive races spent on their own campaigns, a Wisconsin Democracy Campaign analysis shows.
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