Campaign Fundraising, Spending Smash Records

Legislative campaigns spent nearly $10 million in 2004, smashing the old spending record by $1.5 million even though nearly half the candidates faced little or no opposition for their jobs, a Wisconsin Democracy Campaign analysis shows.

Legislative Leaders Milk Special Interests for Record Cash

Legislative leaders tapped special interests’ pocketbooks to raise a record of nearly $1 million in 2004 through their four legislative campaign committees, a Wisconsin Democracy Campaign analysis shows.

WDC to co-sponsor Student Dialogue for Democracy

n the first in a series of forums around the state aimed at promoting civic involvement and activism among college-age students, the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign is co-sponsoring a “Student Dialogue for Democracy.”

Democracy Campaign to Air TV Ad

To reach a broader audience with an indictment of dysfunctional state government and a call to action on behalf of political reform, the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign will begin airing a television ad in several state TV markets in the next week.

WDC Files Lawsuit Challenging Accenture Contract: Complaint Text

Text of WDC complaint challenging Accenture contract to compile voter registration data for the state of Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Democracy Campaign Files Lawsuit Challenging Accenture Contract

A lawsuit was filed December 23 on behalf of the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign’s director and other plaintiffs seeking cancellation of the state’s controversial $14 million contract with the global consulting firm Accenture to create and maintain a statewide voter registration system.

Campaign Fundraising, Spending Smash Records: Candidates by Office

Candidate spending in 2004 legislative races. Candidates with total spent listed by office.

Campaign Fundraising, Spending Smash Records: Alphabetical Listing

Candidate spending in the 2004 legislative campaign. Candidates listed alphabetically by name.
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