WDC Launches Media Campaign for Reform

The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign today announced it will begin running newspaper and radio ads throughout the state to raise public awareness of the cost to taxpayers of political favors state lawmakers do for their biggest campaign donors. WDC Launches Media Campaign for Reform

January 31, 2003

Madison -

Two weeks ago, WDC issued a new study entitled "The Graft Tax" highlighting breaks and policy favors worth over $4.6 billion a year - or nearly $1,200 per state taxpayer - benefiting special interests who have contributed nearly $37 million to state campaigns over the last 10 years.

The quarter-page newspaper ad will run in 11 daily newspapers across the state this Sunday, and will be accompanied by a 30-second radio spot. Starting Monday, the radio ad will air three times a day for two weeks on 54 stations throughout the state, reaching over 850,000 people. The average listener will hear the message between three and four times over the ad’s two-week run.

You can find the newpaper ad here and listen to the radio ad here.