Letter to Governor McCallum

Letter to governor asking him to back Senate Bill 104. Letter to Governor McCallum

Give your assurance to Senators Ellis and Chvala

February 1, 2002

Dear Governor McCallum:

Please give Senator Chvala and Senator Ellis the assurances they need to move forward with a final vote on Senate Bill 104.

For meaningful campaign finance reform to pass, everyone with a role in the lawmaking process has to be willing to give up something. It has taken years to reach the point we’e at in the Senate. SB 104 is the first bill that embodies the bipartisan compromises that have to be made for campaign finance reform to have a legitimate chance to become reality. If anyone refuses to make the sacrifices and take the risks required to forge bipartisan consensus on this issue, the reform the people of Wisconsin overwhelmingly have indicated they want will be derailed again.

Campaign finance reform will not be achieved without your leadership and your active engagement in the process. If the citizens of this state are ever going to get what they clearly desire - limits on campaign spending, tighter restrictions on campaign donations and improved disclosure of all election-related activities - no one with a role in the decisionmaking process can sit on the sidelines.

SB 104 does what 90% of referendum voters said they want. The Senate has broken free of the partisan gridlock that has paralyzed the legislature on so many issues and is poised to pass this legislation by a wide bipartisan margin. You need to clear the way for a final vote.

The road to reform is littered with the corpses of past initiatives killed by lethal injections administered by people who said then and say now that they support campaign finance reform. SB 104 represents a moment of truth, a true test of leadership for all of the elected representatives of Wisconsin’s citizenry. We’ve never been closer to a breakthrough on this difficult issue, and we’ll never have a better opportunity to enact major political reforms.

The people of Wisconsin now need you to do your part.


Mike McCabe
Executive Director,
Wisconsin Democracy Campaign