Disclosure Grades Table 2

Second table accompanying candidate disclosure grades for October 2002. WDC Grades Candidates on Disclosure


Posted: October 28, 2002
Updated: October 29, 2002

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STATEWIDE CANDIDATES PARTY OFFICE Jan-June 2001 Report Grade July-Dec 2001 Report Grade Jan-Aug 26, 2002 Report Grade
Scott McCallum R Governor F F C
James Doyle D Governor Candidate F C B
Ed Thompson L Governor Candidate na* D B
James Young G Governor Candidate na na A
Margaret Farrow R Lt. Governor A C A-
Barbara Lawton D Lt. Governor Candidate na na C
Reynolds, Martin L Lt. Governor Candidate na na A
Jeffrey Peterson G Lt. Governor Candidate na na na
Peg Lautenschlager D Atty. Gen. Candidate F F C
Vince Biskupic R Atty. Gen. Candidate na A B
SENATE PARTY DISTRICT Jan-June 2001 Report Grade July-Dec 2001 Report Grade Jan-Aug 26, 2002 Report Grade
Baumgart, James D S09 A A- B+
Black, Greg R S15 na na na
Brown, Ronald W R S31 na na A
Carpenter, Tim D S03 na D- C
Christensen, Walter M D S13 na na A
Christenson, George L D S05 na na B
Condon, Gregg R S25 na na na
Decker, Russ D S29 A- B B+
Edming, Jimmy Boy R S29 na na D
Ellis, Michael R S19 D D A-
Erpenbach, Jon D S27 F C A
Fitzgerald, Scott R S13 A B F
Grobschmidt, Richard D S07 na na na
Hilsabeck, Susan D S01 na na na
Jauch, Robert D S25 na na D-
Kanavas, Theodore R S33 D A- B
Kedzie, Neal R S11 na A B
Larson, Earl D S23 na na D-
Lasee, Alan R S01 na na na
Leibham, Joseph R S09 F B C
Moen, Rodney D S31 A D B+
Plache, Kimberly D S21 B F A-
Reilly, Emmett D S17 na na na
Reynolds, Tom R S05 na na A-
Robson, Judith D S15 D A- A
Schultz, Dale R S17 A A A
Stepp, Cathy R S21 na na A-
Woods, Scott D S11 na na na
Zien, David R S23 B A- C
ASSEMBLY PARTY DISTRICT Jan-June 2001 Report Grade July-Dec 2001 Report Grade Jan-Aug 26, 2002 Report Grade
Adamczyk, Steve R A13 na na A
Ainsworth, John R A06 na D- A
Albers, Sheryl R A50 A D- D
Balow, Larry D A68 na A D-
Berceau, Terese D A76 na na na
Bies, Garey R A01 A A D-
Black, Spencer D A77 na C A
Boyle, Frank D A73 na na na
Burke, Vicki D A94 na na A-
Campbell, Victor R A12 na na B
Clousing, Lin D A23 na na A
Coggs, Spencer D A17 na F A
Colon, Pedro D A08 na B A
Cullen, David D A13 na na D-
Danielson, Roger P D A97 na na A
DeBow, Royce K I A32 na na A
Degner, Arden R A21 na na na
Dier, Roger D A90 na na A-
Feickert, Robert D A30 na na na
Fitzgerald, Jeff R A39 A A A
Foti, Steven R A38 D A C
Frederick, Todd D A35 na na A
Freese, Stephen R A51 F A A
Friske, Donald R. R A35 A A F
Gard, John R A89 B F C
Genisio, James D A54 na na na
Gielow, Curtis C R A23 na na A-
Glenn, Debra A D A80 na na D-
Gordon, Paul D A67 na na D
Gottlieb, Mark R A60 na na D-
Green, William H R A15 na na A
Gronemus, Barbara D A91 na na na
Grothman, Glenn R A59 na A na
Gundersen, Jerome R A95 na na A
Gunderson, Scott R A83 na A- D
Gundrum, Mark R A84 A A B
Hager, Alan D A89 na na A
Hahn, Eugene R A47 F A C
Hansen, Mo D A38 na na na
Harris, Leo V R A71 na na F
Hauser, Jon Anthony R A29 na na na
Hebl, Tom D A46 na na C
Helenius, Darryl R A73 na na D
Hermann, Tom D A01 na na A
Hines, Jack R A42 na A A-
Houdek, Paula D A87 na na D-
Huber, Greg D A85 A A A
Hubler, Mary D A75 na A na
Huebsch, Michael R A94 A F B
Hundertmark, Jean R A40 na A B
Hutkowski, Hariah H R A46 na na A
Jensen, Scott R. R A98 B B B
Jeskewitz, Suzanne R A24 na A B
Johnsrud, DuWayne R A96 A A C
Katers, Daniel J D A02 na na A
Kaufert, Dean R A55 A A na
Kestell, Steve R A27 na A A
Krawczyk, Judy R A88 F A A
Kreibich, Robin R A93 na A A
Kreuser, James D A64 A A A
Krug, Shirley D A12 na na A
Krusick, Peggy D A07 na na na
Ladwig, Bonnie R A63 F A C
Lasee, Frank R A02 A A A
Lassa, Julie D A71 F A A-
Lehman, John D A62 na na na
Lehman, Michael R A99 na A A
LeMahieu, Daniel R R A59 na na C
Loeffelholz, Gabe R A49 A A A
Lothian, Thomas A R A32 na na B
Lowrie, Jerry J D A43 na na A
McCormick, Terri R A56 F A A
Meyer, Dan R A34 D A B
Meyer, Gary C R A70 na na A
Meyerhofer, Lee D A05 na F F
Miller, Mark D A48 na na A
Milz, Bryan D A88 na na na
Mode, Edwin D A34 na na D-
Montgomery, Phil R A04 A A B+
Morga, Miguel D A96 na na D-
Morris-Tatum, Johnnie D A11 na na na
Moulton, Terry R A68 na na A
Musser, Terry R A92 na A A
Nass, Stephen L. R A31 A A na
Nischke, Ann M R A97 na na A-
Olsen, Luther R A41 na A C
Osegard, Larry L D A69 na na B
Ott, Alvin R A03 na A A
Owens, Carol R A53 na F F
Petrowski, Jerry R A86 A C A
Pettis, Mark R A28 A D- B
Plale, Jeffrey D A21 A A A
Plouff, Joe D A29 na na A
Pocan, Mark D A78 na A A
Pope-Roberts, Sandy D A79 na na C
Powers, Mike R A80 na A A
Reasbeck, Carol J I A73 na na A
Reeves, James R A81 na na A
Rhoades, Kitty R A30 A A B
Riley, Antonio D A18 D D C
Schneider, Martin D A72 A na A
Schooff, Dan D A45 A A A
Schroeder, Ryan D A32 na na A
Seefluth, Gayle R A75 na na A
Seratti, Lorraine D A36 na A B+
Sherman, Gary D A74 F na D-
Shilling, Jennifer D A95 A A A
Sinicki, Christine D A20 na na na
Siss, Arlene D A49 na na C
Skindrud, Rick R A79 A F C
Starr, Jeff D A86 na na A
Starzyk, Samantha R A66 A F A
Staskunas, Tony D A15 na na A
Steinbrink, John D A65 na A D-
Stone, Jeff R A82 na A D
Suder, Scott R A69 na C A
Taft, Michael B D A92 na na C
Thielke, Tom D A36 na na A
Towns, Debi R A43 na na A
Townsend, John R A52 A A A-
Travis, David D A81 A A A
Turner, Robert D A61 na na F
Underheim, Gregg R A54 na na B+
Van Akkeren, Terry D A26 na na A
Van Roy, Karl R A90 na na D
Vineburg, Sidney D A04 na na A-
Vrakas, Daniel R A33 na A A
Vruwink, Amy Sue D A70 na na F
Vukmir, Leah R A14 na na B
Waller, Donald Scott D A37 na na na
Ward, David R A37 na A C
Wasserman, Sheldon D A22 A F A-
Weber, Becky R A05 na na A
Wieckert, Steve R A57 A na A
Williams, Annette D A10 na A A
Williams, Mary R A87 na na A
Wolden, Charles D A28 na na A
Woldstad, Jake R A91 na na na
Wolf, Larry A D A51 na na A
Wood, Jeffrey R A67 na na na
Wood, Wayne D A44 na na na
Yost, Meagan D A47 na na A
Young, Leon D A16 na na B
Zempel, Kurt R A26 na na A
Zepnick, Josh D A09 na na A-
Ziegelbauer, Bob D A25 na na na
Ziegler, Thomas P R A72 na na A

*na - Applies to individuals who did not file a report during the time period because they were not candidates, or they did not have any contributions of more than $100 for which occupation and employer data was required under Wisconsin law 11.06 (b).

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