Special Interests Average 33,000% Gain On Campaign Contributions

A $10,000 investment a year ago in one of the most profitable stocks on the market - Genstar Therapeutics - would be worth $162,500 today, a 1,525% gain. That’s a lucrative return, but it’s not nearly the bang for the buck that special interests received from investing in state policymaking.

Milwaukee Station Aired Little Candidate Issue Discussion

WTMJ Channel 4, the NBC affiliate in Milwaukee, aired just over a minute of candidates talking about issues each night in the final month of the 2000 campaign, according to a new national study released by the Alliance for Better Campaigns.

Green Blizzard Strikes McCallum Campaign Fund in December

Gov. Scott McCallum’s campaign fund accepted special interest campaign contributions faster than the record-setting snow fell in December, according to a Wisconsin Democracy Campaign analysis released today.

Candidate, Special Interest Spending Soars in 2000

Legislative candidates spent $7.1 million and special interests blew a reported $2.5 million to set new spending records in election year 2000 and send the cost of one senate race soaring to at least $1.7 million, not counting hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional unreported spending on phony issue ads, according to a Wisconsin Democracy Campaign analysis released today.

WDC Applauds Bipartisan Group’s Campaign Finance Reform Initiative

The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign lauded today’s announcement that a group of legislators from both political parties and both houses of the legislature is coalescing behind the Voters First campaign finance reform legislation.

WDC Asks McCallum to Continue Thompson's Campaign Reform Pledge

The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign today asked Governor Scott McCallum to pledge to sign any campaign finance reform legislation that reaches his desk and agree not to use his partial veto authority to alter any bipartisan agreement reached by state lawmakers.

Mathematically Eliminated

The economics of Wisconsin politics is as screwed up as the economics of major league baseball, with current office holders and favored insiders virtually assured of victory while their rivals are out of contention due to the grotesque imbalance in financial resources, a new Wisconsin Democracy Campaign analysis shows.

Tightest Budget in Years Still Laced with Special Interest Goodies

Special interests who contribute thousands of dollars a year to the governor and legislative leaders are again seeing their investments pay off through millions of dollars in tax breaks, state funded projects and other proposals in the proposed 2001-03 state budget, the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign said today.

Special Interest Spending on State School Chief Race to Smash Old Record

Spending by outside interests in the state school superintendent race will easily surpass the previous record and includes a new campaign finance abuse in the form of phony "issue ads" run by a state political party, the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign reported today.

61 Deep Pockets Give 11% of State Campaign Cash

About five dozen individuals and families representing four-tenths of 1 percent of donors made 11 percent of the total large individual campaign contributions to legislative candidates and statewide officeholders in 1999-2000, the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign reported today.
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