Money Shouldn’t Be All That Talks In the 2000 Elections

As the campaign contributions flow and the candidate war chests grow for the 2000 elections, we write to voice a concern about - and offer a remedy for - the increasingly harmful role of TV in politics.

WDC Joins Alliance for Better Campaigns

The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign announced today it is joining forces with the national Alliance for Better Campaigns to press the television industry to open the airwaves to brief nightly issue forums in the 2000 election season.

Thompson's Big Day

As Gov. Thompson continues to keep his political opponents wondering about whether he’ll run for a fifth term, his campaign continued to rake in contributions in 1999, including more than $90,000 in large individual contributions ($100 or more) one day last July (Table 1), an analysis of campaign records by the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign showed.

Campaign Arms Race Instensifies

Voters turned off by negative advertising and runaway campaign spending in the 1998 election are in for a much larger dose in 2000, due to a staggering increase in legislative fundraising, the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign reported today.

Senator Rakes in Banking Money, Casts Deciding Vote to Kill ATM Bill

A week after a bill preventing banks from charging consumers fees to use automatic teller machines (ATMs) was defeated by one vote in the State Senate, an analysis of state campaign finance records by the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign shows a sharp increase in campaign contributions in the last half of 1999 from banking interests to State Senator Kevin Shibilski (D-Stevens Point), who cast the deciding vote on the ATM bill.

Wealthy Gasoline Retailer Violates Campaign Contribution Limits

Campaign finance reports filed with the State Elections Board show that a Mequon resident who owns more than 100 gasoline stations exceeded the state’s $10,000 a year limit on political contributions, the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign said today.

Lawmaker Ignore Disclosure Law on Hundreds of Large Contributions

Thirty state legislators failed to comply with the state elections law requiring them to disclose the occupation and employer of all contributors who give more than $100, a review of campaign finance reports by the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign revealed.

Lawmakers Addicted to Out-of-District Money to Fuel Campaigns

State legislators have become so heavily dependent on campaign contributions from people they are not elected to represent that a new form of "carpetbagging" has emerged in Wisconsin, a report released today by the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign shows.

Network Affiliates Air Just 9 Seconds of Candidates Talking Each Night

Local television stations devoted an average of 9 seconds a night to statements by candidates for national, state and local office in the month before Wisconsin’s April 4 primary election, an analysis of evening newscasts in the Madison market shows.

Payday Loan Industry Becomes Major Source of Out-of-State Campaign Funds

Payday lenders, mostly from outside of Wisconsin, have become the No. 1 out-of-state special interest contributor during the past two years, contributing thousands of dollars to Gov. Thompson and key legislators who control the fate of legislation to limit the interest rates that the industry charges, the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign said Monday.
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