WDC Puts Out Alternative Redistricting Plan

July 12, 2011

Madison - The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign today put forward citizen-designed maps of new state assembly and senate districts in response to a gerrymandered legislative redistricting plan that WDC will testify Wednesday is a “disgusting affront” to democracy and local control.

WDC Testimony on Redistricting

Joint Public Hearing on Redistricting Assembly Committee on Homeland Security and State Affairs Senate Committee on Judiciary, Utilities, Commerce and Government Operations

July 13, 2011

In a democracy voters are supposed to choose their representatives, not the other way around. The redistricting plans that are the subject of this hearing are a disgusting affront to this bedrock principle of democracy. The plans for new congressional and state legislative districts that were drawn at great expense to taxpayers but yet kept secret until last Friday afternoon are a Republican gerrymander, pure and simple.

Groups, Candidates Spend Record $44 Million In Recalls

Democratic candidates, groups outspend Republicans by $3 million

Posted: September 20, 2011
Updated: March 12, 2012

Note: Some figures revised since initial posting in response to final reports filed by committees since the beginning of this year.

Madison – Special interest groups, candidates and political committees spent a record $44 million in the nine legislative recall elections held this summer, a Wisconsin Democracy Campaign analysis shows.

Legislative Races Top $19 Million in 2010

Special interest groups spent $6.7 million to influence makeup of legislature

March 7, 2011

Madison – Legislative candidates and outside special interest groups that spent most of their money on smearing the candidates in negative broadcast ads and mailings spent more than $19 million in the 2010 legislative races, a Wisconsin Democracy Campaign analysis shows.

Record $37.4 Million Spent In Governor’s Race

Spending up 57 percent from 2002 and more than quadruple the 1998 governor’s race

February 8, 2011

Madison – The 2010 candidates for governor and outside special interest groups that smeared them with negative mailings and broadcast ads to influence the elections spent a record $37.4 million on the race, a Wisconsin Democracy Campaign analysis shows.

Wealthy Voucher Donors Getting Choice Policy Payback

School privatization supporters outspend opponents $3 to $1

May 24, 2011

Madison – Supporters of Milwaukee’s school choice program spent more than $3 million in 2009 and 2010 to help elect Governor Scott Walker and much of the GOP-controlled legislature while opponents spent a million dollars to elect mostly minority Democrats, a Wisconsin Democracy Campaign analysis shows.

Smear Groups, Candidates Spent $5.4 Million On Supreme Court Race

Special interest group spending favored incumbent $2.7 million versus $1.8 million

April 19, 2011

Madison – Nearly three dozen special interest groups and four candidates spent about $5.4 million on the recent Wisconsin Supreme Court race mostly on volleys of negative radio and television advertisements, according to the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign.

WDC Asks State To Investigate Supreme Court Justice


Ethics probe request centers on free legal services received by Justice Gableman

December 20, 2011

Madison – The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign asked the state’s Judicial Commission on Tuesday to investigate whether Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman violated ethics codes for receiving free legal services from a law firm that defended him against an earlier ethics complaint.

Contributions over $1,000 to Governor Walker

Posted: December 16, 2012
Updated: May 31, 2013

Below is a table listing all contributions exceeding $1,000 received by Governor Scott Walker's campaign committee between July 1 and December 10, 2011.

State Not Enforcing Key Disclosure Law


Required disclosure still missing for hundreds of contributions to Walker in 2009

December 5, 2011

Madison – More than seven weeks after filing an open records request with the state Government Accountability Board for evidence it enforces a law requiring disclosure of the occupation and employer of campaign donors who give more than $100, the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign received a reply indicating the agency “has no records responsive to your request.”

29 Wealthy Donors Exceeded Contribution Limit in 2010

WDC complaints show some donors exceeded the annual limit by more than $6,000

Posted: November 16, 2011
Updated: November 28, 2011

Madison – Twenty-nine contributors to candidates for statewide office and the legislature exceeded the annual $10,000 limit on campaign contributions in 2010, according to complaints filed Wednesday by the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign.

Accused Drug Companies Contribute $192,000 To Elected Officials

Legislative proposal would protect an industry frequently accused of defrauding the state

November 3, 2011

Madison – Statewide officeholders and legislators have accepted $192,000 in campaign contributions from pharmaceutical companies the state has sued for Medicaid fraud, anti-trust violations, false advertising and paying kickbacks to doctors for using their drugs, a Wisconsin Democracy Campaign review shows.

Wisconsin's Reversal on Public Financing Mirrors National Campaign

2010 elections sparked effort in many states to intimidate judges, weaken courts

October 27, 2011

Wisconsin’s decision this year to jettison public financing of judicial elections was part of an unprecedented national attack on state courts that followed the 2010 judicial and legislative elections, a new report by three nonpartisan legal reform groups reveals.

Legislative Fundraising In First Half Of 2011 Smashes Records

Off-year fundraising even trounces six-month election year record

October 4, 2011

Madison – Legislators raised a record-shattering $6.8 million during the first half of 2011 driven by 12 officeholders involved in the summer recall elections who accounted for nearly two-thirds of total fundraising, a Wisconsin Democracy Campaign analysis shows.

Walker, Donors Accused Of 24 Violations Of Campaign Finance Law

Reports show Walker accepted and donors gave more than the $10,000 allowed by law

July 6, 2011

Madison – The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign filed complaints Wednesday accusing Republican Governor Scott Walker and 10 wealthy contributors of 24 violations of state campaign finance law.

WDC Files Open Records Request For Redistricting Maps

Taxpayer cost of secretly drawn legislative maps is $300,000 and counting

June 28, 2011

Madison – The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign filed open records requests Tuesday asking two legislative leaders to make public redistricting maps and information pertaining to the process of redrawing legislative districts in Wisconsin to accommodate population changes shown in the 2010 U.S. Census.

WDC Response to U.S. Supreme Court Decision in Arizona Public Financing Case

(Arizona Free Enterprise Club v. Bennett)

June 27, 2011

Thirty-five years ago the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that money talks in politics. Last year the high court ruled that money can talk as much as it wants, by barring any limit on election spending by corporations and other wealthy interests. Today the court ruled that money should do all the talking, by blocking a public effort in Arizona to give candidates for office who lack immense financial means the ability to get a word in edgewise when they face wealthy, high-spending opponents.

WDC Files Complaints Against Recall Targets

Senators keep the public in the dark about big donors

June 7, 2011

Madison – Three Democratic and Republican senators targeted for recall elections failed to disclose required occupation and employer information about campaign contributors who gave them more than $50,000, according to complaints filed Tuesday by the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign.

Special Interests Investing Big In Recall Targets

Donors may give unlimited contributions to help save legislators’ jobs

May 5, 2011

Madison – State senators targeted for recall elections have raised more than $1.3 million in less than four months mostly because wealthy special interest donors can make unlimited contributions, a Wisconsin Democracy Campaign review shows.

WDC Puts Forward 'Ending Wealthfare' Plan

Reform blueprint offers new thinking on public election financing

Posted: May 3, 2011
Updated: May 11, 2011

The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, with support ranging from senior citizen advocates to youth groups, today proposed a new campaign finance reform plan that breaks new ground on election financing and aims to replace “big-money plutocracy with a small-dollar democracy.”

Business Giving To GOP, Dems Dwarfs Labor

GOP candidates get $4 of $5, Dems $2 of $3 in contributions from business interests

March 17, 2011

MadisonCampaign contributions from business interests accounted for nearly $3 of every $4 accepted by Democratic and Republican candidates for statewide and legislative offices since 1999, a Wisconsin Democracy Campaign review shows.

Midwest States Launch Campaign to Pull Back Curtain on 2011 Redistricting

“Draw the Line Midwest” shines spotlight on remapping, seeks greater public involvement in traditionally secretive process of drawing political boundaries

March 15, 2011

Chicago – Civic engagement and community organizations in six Midwest states today announced they will implement a coordinated campaign to transform redistricting—the way electoral district lines are drawn—by shining an ongoing spotlight on the process, pushing for increased public participation and greater protection of minority voting rights in the creation of new political maps, and proposing alternatives to plans working their way through state legislatures.

Walker Guts Impartial Justice Act

Governor’s budget proposal eliminates key funding source

March 2, 2011

Amidst the carnage in Governor Scott Walker’s Robin Hood-in-reverse budget blueprint is the gutting of Wisconsin’s Impartial Justice Act reforming state Supreme Court elections. The governor proposes eliminating a key funding source for the new program in the budget plan he announced yesterday.

Walker, GOP Legislature Tending Special Interest Wish Lists

March 2, 2011

Madison – Republican Governor Scott Walker and majority GOP legislators accepted about $2 of every $3 in campaign contributions from wealthy special interests who are now seeing some of their long-sought tax breaks and other spending and policy priorities become law, a Wisconsin Democracy Campaign analysis shows.

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