See Scott Walker's Biggest Contributors

Republican Governor Scott Walker, a potential 2016 presidential candidate, has formed a new 527 fundraising group . See Scott Walker's Biggest Contributors

January 27, 2015

Republican Governor Scott Walker, a potential 2016 presidential candidate, has formed a new 527 fundraising group.

The organization, which is called Our American Revival, will allow Walker to raise unlimited amounts of money from powerful special interests like businesses, trade organizations and ideological groups. The group also launched a new website Tuesday.

527 groups are named for the section of the U.S. Internal Revenue Service code that governs them, but the IRS does not regulate where the groups can get their contributions and how much they can accept and spend on frequently negative electioneering activities.

More popularly known groups that also operate 527 organizations include the Democratic Governors Association, Republican Governors Association and the Greater Wisconsin Committee.

Some 527 organizations rake in several million dollars each year from special interests. In 2014, Wisconsin contributors alone gave about $8.7 million to 527 groups that support Republican and Democratic candidates.

Here are some of Walker’s top contributors between 2009 and July 28, 2014.

Hendricks, Diane M Beloit WI ABC Supply Co $529,100.00
Perry, Bob J & Doylene Houston TX Perry Homes $500,000.00
Uihlein, Elizabeth & Richard Lake Forest IL U-Line Corp $279,500.00
DeVos, Richard M & Helen Grand Rapids MI Alticor $271,000.00
Adelson, Miriam & Sheldon Las Vegas NV Las Vegas Sands/Adelson Clinic $270,000.00
Humphreys, David C Joplin MO TAMKO Building Products $270,000.00
Atkins, Sarah Arlington VA TAMKO Building Products $260,000.00
Herzog, Stanley M St Joseph MO Herzog Contracting Corp $260,000.00
Kern, Patricia & Robert Waukesha WI Generac Corp $220,000.00
Kellner, Ted & Mary Mequon WI Fiduciary Management $163,905.83
Roberts, Batsheva & Richard Lakewood NJ Mutual Pharmaceutical Co Inc $135,000.00
Friess, Lynnette & Foster Jackson WY Friess Associates Inc $130,700.00
Ryan, Shirley & Patrick Winnetka IL Ryan Specialty Group $130,000.00
Kovner, Suzie & Bruce New York NY Caxton Alternative Management LP $120,000.00
Hertog, Roger & Susan New York NY Retired $120,000.00
Shannon, Mary Sue Milwaukee WI Homemaker $110,000.00
Stephens, Warren A Little Rock AR Stephens Inc $110,000.00
Ricketts, J Joe Bondurant WY Ameritrade $110,000.00
Nau, Barbara & John Houston TX Silver Eagle Distributors LP $110,000.00
Bacon, Louis M New York NY Moore Capital Management $110,000.00
Childs, John W Waltham MA JW Childs Associates $110,000.00
Pieper, Richard R Mequon WI Pieper Electric $107,110.00
Rees-Jones, Trevor D Dallas TX Chief Oil & Gas LLC $100,000.00