Donald Trump Joined Menard in Funding Walker

In addition to John Menard, Jr., seven wealthy donors, including Donald Trump, helped fund a conservative dark money group that spent millions of dollars to help GOP Gov. Scott Walker and state senators win their 2011 and 2012 recall elections. These seven donors also contributed a total of $185,000 to Walker Donald Trump Joined Menard in Funding Walker

March 25, 2015


The individuals were among numerous contributors identified in emails and other documents in a Yahoo report Tuesday that highlighted $1.5 million in secret donations to the Wisconsin Club for Growth by billionaire John Menard Jr., of Eau Claire, owner of the Menards hardware store chain, and the wealthiest man in Wisconsin.

The club, which secretly raises and spends money on negative broadcast ads and other electioneering activities in Wisconsin legislative and statewide elections, is also among numerous groups under investigation in a John Doe probe for campaign finance law violations. The fate of the John Doe investigation will be decided by the Wisconsin Supreme Court in the next few months.

In addition to Menard, who directly contributed $30,000 to Walker and Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch, seven donors who gave the club $365,000 also contributed generously to the governor between 2012 and 2014. They were:

Bruce Kovner New York, N.Y. $110,000

Richard Colburn Irving, Tex. $25,000

Barry Maclean Mundelein, Ill. $15,000

Keith Colburn Irving, Tex. $10,000

Ken Langone Sands Point, N.Y. $10,000

Donald Trump New York, N.Y. $10,000

Larry Nichols Oklahoma City, Okla. $5,000

Kovner is the founder of Caxton Alternative Management, an investment and trading firm.

Richard Colburn is president of RcK Properties, a property management company, and holds leadership posts in five other companies located throughout the country.

Maclean, is president of Maclean-Fogg Co., which manufactures products for the automotive, electrical and telecommunications industries.

Keith Colburn is president of Consolidated Electrical Distributors, which distributes equipment for commercial and residential use. He is the son of Richard Colburn.

Langone is the founder of The Home Depot, a national hardware store chain.

Donald Trump is a real estate developer and entertainment personality.

Nichols is the retired co-founder of Devon Energy.