Walker Makes Rare Campaign Contributions to Fellow Republicans

Republican Gov. Scott Walker has contributed nearly $106,000 from his campaign committee to GOP candidates for statewide offices and the legislature during the past three years – a rare phenomenon among Wisconsin governors. Walker Makes Rare Campaign Contributions to Fellow Republicans

April 2, 2015

Even though candidates for governor often raise several millions of dollars more than candidates for other state and legislative offices, Walker’s three predecessors contributed only a combined $10,044 to other candidates while they were in office between 1993 and 2010.

Walker’s immediate predecessor, Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle, who held office from 2003 through 2010, contributed $9,994 to Democratic candidates and fundraising committees in 2009 and 2010. Those contributions occurred after Doyle decided not to run for a third term.

Former Republican Gov. Tommy Thompson, who held office from 1987 through January 2001, contributed only $50 to another GOP candidate between 1993, which is the earliest campaign finance records the Democracy Campaign has available, through January 2001, when he cut short his fourth term to serve as a cabinet secretary under former President George W. Bush.

Former Republican Gov. Scott McCallum did not contribute to any candidates while he was governor in 2001 and 2002. McCallum served the remainder of Thompson’s fourth term because he was lieutenant governor under Thompson.

Walker, who was elected in 2010, contributed $105,957 between March 6, 2012 and Nov. 13, 2014 to Republican candidates, including $49,365 to Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch for her 2012 recall election; and $21,560 to attorney general candidate Brad Schimel, and $8,625 each to state treasurer candidate Matt Adamczyk and secretary of state candidate Julian Bradley for their 2014 general election contests.