Top Daley Donor Gives State GOP $200K

A leading donor to state and federal GOP and conservative candidates nationwide, including Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate James Daley, contributed $200,000 to the state Republican Party less than a week before the April 7 spring elections. Top Daley Donor Gives State GOP $200K

April 2, 2015

Daley’s campaign has received over $15,000 in mostly in-kind contributions since Jan. 1 from the state GOP to help defeat incumbent Justice Ann Walsh Bradley in the nonpartisan race for a 10-year seat on the high court.

Richard Uihlein, of Lake Forest, Ill., contributed $200,000 to the state party on March 30, according to documents filed with the Government Accountability Board. Uihlein also contributed $10,000 to Daley on Feb. 17 – the maximum amount an individual may give to a candidate for statewide office in any given election.

Uihlein, along with his wife, Elizabeth, co-founded Uline, which is a shipping and packaging supply distributor throughout North America. In Wisconsin alone, the couple contributed $351,400 to partisan candidates for statewide office and the legislature between 1996 and Oct. 20, 2014.

Though labeled ‘nonpartisan’ races, Wisconsin Supreme Court candidates in recent years have received substantial contributions and campaign support from longtime Democratic and Republican contributors and interest groups. In this contest, Daley identifies himself as a conservative judge and has drawn the support of longtime Republican contributors and Bradley has drawn numerous contributions from traditionally Democratic givers, like labor unions, but no political party contributions or resources.