Report, 'Walker's Worst 100,' Details Assault on Wisconsin's Way of Life

The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign issued a report that covers 100 items approved by Republican Gov. Scott Walker and the legislature that have collectively assaulted Wisconsin’s democracy and the common good.

Kwik Trip Owners Boost Trump, Wisconsin GOP

Kwik Trip Owners Boost Trump, Wisconsin GOP

August 17, 2016

The owners of the Kwik Trip convenience store chain and the founder of Logistics Health held a $2,700-per person fundraiser Tuesday in La Crosse for GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Gifts from Walmart PACs Misreported in Wisconsin?

Fourteen candidates for the Wisconsin state legislature, along with two partisan campaign committees, reported receiving a total of $14,000 in campaign contributions in the second quarter of 2016 from two Walmart political action committees that actually aren’t doing business in the state.

Food, Drinks at Private Fundraisers No Longer Count

The cost of food, drinks, and invitations provided by wealthy donors for candidate fundraisers that they hold in their homes are no longer campaign contributions to the candidates under the state’s new campaign finance laws.

Bevy of Special Interest Bills Ready for Final Action by Walker

Numerous bills on the wish lists of special interest groups were approved this week by the GOP-controlled legislature, and await final action by Republican Gov. Scott Walker.

Judges Toss Rigged Wisconsin Maps!

A panel of federal judges on Monday tossed the redistricting maps that Scott Walker and Republican legislative leaders have used to solidify their hold on power in Wisconsin.

Legislative Fundraising Committees Raise Record $1.6M in Six Months

Legislative Fundraising Committees Raise Record $1.6M in Six Months

July 21, 2016

Shadowy figure in suit being showered with money

Four legislative campaign committees that milk special interests for cash to spend on elections raised a record $1.6 million during the first six months of 2016.

This was the first fundraising and spending period governed by sweeping changes to state campaign finance laws that were approved late last year by the GOP-controlled legislature and Republican Gov. Scott Walker. The new campaign finance laws allow the four legislative campaign committees to create segregated funds, which they have done, to collect donations of up to $12,000 a year from corporations, trade groups, political action committees (PACs), unions and American Indian tribes. There are no limits on contributions that individuals may give to legislative campaign committees. There are also no limits on the contributions that legislative campaign committees can give to candidates or parties. But legislative campaign committees may not use corporate, union and other special interest money from their segregated funds to contribute to candidates or sponsor independent expenditures, which are electioneering activities, like mailings and broadcast ads that directly tell people how to vote.

The amount raised by the four committees (Table 1) exceeded the previous six-month fundraising record of $1.4 million set during the first six months of 2011, the same year that nine Senate recall elections allowed for unlimited fundraising by the targeted incumbents and the legislative campaign committees for several weeks. In most past six-month periods since 2004, the four committees combined generally have raised only about a quarter to a third of the $1.6 million that they raised between January and June of this year.

Fundraising among the four legislative campaign committees was led by the two GOP committees, which shows that special interest money generally flows to the party in power. Republicans control both houses by comfortable margins – 63-36 in the Assembly and 19-14 in the Senate. The Committee to Elect a Republican Senate accepted about $478,000 and the Republican Assembly Campaign Committee accepted about $466,350.

Table 1
Legislative Campaign Committee Fundraising
January – June 2016

Committee Amount
Committee to Elect a Republican Senate (CERS) $478,005
Republican Assembly Campaign Committee (RACC) $466,345
Assembly Democratic Campaign Committee (ADCC) $384,635
State Senate Democratic Committee (SSDC) $274,770
TOTAL $1,603,755

A Wisconsin Democracy Campaign preliminary review of more than 4,500 contributions to the four committees found one contributor who contributed more than $100,000 and 11 others who contributed $25,000 or more.

Topping the list of contributors (Table 2) to the committees during the first six months of this year was Milwaukee County executive Chris Abele, who gave $105,000 to the Assembly Democratic Campaign Committee. Abele, who is also a wealthy Milwaukee philanthropist, has contributed more than $145,000 since 2000 to mostly Democratic legislative and statewide candidates.

Two others made $50,000 contributions to the committees. The campaign committee of outgoing Republican Sen. Rick Gudex, of Fond du Lac, gave $50,000 to the Committee to Elect a Republican Senate. Gudex’s open 18 th Senate seat is likely to draw high spending from Republican and Democratic candidates and outside special interest groups because it has seen close races and wins by both parties in recent elections. Another Milwaukee philanthropist, Lynde Uihlein, contributed $50,000 to the Assembly Democratic Campaign Committee. Uihlein is an heir to the Schlitz Brewing and Allen Bradley family fortunes and a longtime backer of women’s and Democratic causes and candidates. She has contributed more than $190,000 since 2000 to mostly Democratic legislative and statewide candidates.

Rounding out the top five contributors to the legislative campaign committees between January and June 2016 were the Wisconsin Realtors Association PAC and the Wisconsin Beer Distributors Association.

The state realtors group gave a total of $36,500 to all four legislative campaign committees. The realtors PAC has contributed nearly $945,000 since 2000 to legislative and statewide candidates, including more than $650,000 to Republicans.

The Wisconsin Beer Distributors Association contributed a total of $36,000 to all four legislative campaign committees. The beer distributor’s PAC has contributed nearly $273,000 since 2000 to legislative and statewide candidates, including about $172,000 to Republicans.

Several other groups also contributed to all four committees, spreading their money on both sides of the aisle.

Table 2
Top Contributors* to the Four Legislative Campaign Committees
January – June 2016

Contributor Recipient(s)** Amount
Chris Abele (Milwaukee County executive) ADCC $105,000
Rick Gudex for State Senate CERS $50,000
Lynde Uihlein (Brico Fund) ADCC $50,000
Realtors PAC ADCC, RACC, CERS, SSDC $36,500
WBD Corporate (Wisconsin Beer Distributors Association) ADCC, CERS, RACC, SSDC $36,000
Forest County Potawatomi Tribe and Casino ADCC, RACC, CERS, SSDC $35,000
Altria ADCC, RACC, CERS, SSDC $32,500
Associated Builders and Contractors CERS, SSDC, RACC $32,050
Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance ADCC, RACC, CERS, SSDC $26,250
Volunteers for Agriculture PAC ADCC, RACC, CERS, SSDC $26,000
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) State and Local unions ADCC, SSDC $25,034
Metropolitan Milwaukee Chamber of Commerce RACC, CERS $25,000
Operating Engineers Local 139 SSDC, ADCC $18,000
Wisconsin Bankers Association ADCC, RACC, CERS, SSDC $18,000
Wisconsin Laborers District Council ADCC, SSDC $18,000
Agents Assistance Corp. of Wisconsin RACC, CERS $16,000
Anthem PAC RACC, SSDC, CERS $16,000
Wisconsin Institute of CPAs ADCC, RACC, CERS, SSDC $15,750
Wisconsin Credit Union Legislative Action ADCC, RACC, CERS, SSDC $15,230
Alexander Lasry (a Milwaukee Bucks vice president) ADCC, SSDC $15,000
Wisconsin Dental Association RACC, SSDC, CERS $15,000
Tavern League of Wisconsin ADCC, RACC, CERS, SSDC $14,000
Insurance and Financial Advisors PAC ADCC, RACC, CERS, SSDC $13,500
Milwaukee Police Association ADCC, RACC, CERS, SSDC $13,500
BNSF Railway ADCC, RACC, CERS, SSDC $13,000
Koch Industries PAC RACC, CERS $12,000
Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee SSDC $12,000
LKQ Corp. Good Government Fund RACC, CERS $12,000
Wisconsin State Council of Carpenters ADCC, SSDC $12,000

*Contributors who gave a total of $12,000 or more to one or more LCCs based on a preliminary review of LCC fundraising and spending reports by the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign.

**ADCC means Assembly Democratic Campaign Committee
RACC means Republican Assembly Campaign Committee
CERS means Committee to Elect a Republican Senate
SSDC means State Senate Democratic Committee

10 Wins to Celebrate on July 4 in Wisconsin

June 27, 2016

In honor of July 4, the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign has come up with a list of 10 legislative victories for We, the People, that occurred in the last legislative session.

Votes on Local Control Show Special Interests, Party Loyalty Outweigh Community

September 26, 2016

Legislative votes on dozens of bills since 2011 that reduced local control or imposed spending mandates show party loyalty and special interest campaign contributions trumped community ties. About half of the lawmakers in the legislature once held a local government office, but that didn’t stop them from interfering with local control.

Fitzgerald's Aides Give Dubious Testimony on Rigged Wisconsin Maps

wo aides to Republican Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald gave dubious and unintentionally damning testimony over the last two days in the federal court case over the drawing of electoral maps in Wisconsin.

Redistricting Steals Choice from Wisconsin Voters

About 2.8 million Wisconsin residents – almost half the state’s population – will have little or no choice about who represents them in the Assembly or Senate on Election Day. The reason: Only one major party candidate will be on the ballot in their Assembly or Senate district.

Electioneering Groups Spent Nearly $9 Million in Legislative Elections

Special interest electioneering groups doled out a record $8.9 million in the 2016 legislative elections. Democratic groups spent sharply more money, according to figures compiled by the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, even though Republicans added to their comfortable majorities in the Assembly and Senate.

Factory Farm Owned by Head of Powerful Ag Group Probed for Manure Runoff

A Calumet County factory farm owned by the president of a powerful agricultural lobbying group and supporter of Republican Gov. Scott Walker is under state investigation for a manure runoff that polluted a Fox River tributary and killed fish in late June or early July.

Electioneering Groups Set Spending Record in Legislative Elections

Spending by special interest electioneering groups in next week’s legislative elections in Wisconsin has topped $7.8 million – a record, according to preliminary figures compiled by the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign.

John Doe Opponents Try to Block Path to U.S. Supreme Court

Lawyers for two people embroiled in the now-halted John Doe II investigation are seeking to block any appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court, which is due on March 1.

Secretive Group Attacks John Doe DA

A conservative special interest group has sponsored two mailings that attacked the record of one of the county prosecutors involved in appealing a state Supreme Court decision that closed the John Doe II investigation.

Opponents Say 'Cookie Bill' is Cookie Monster, and Not the Funny Kind

A bipartisan bill that would legalize the sale of homemade baked and canned goods has farmers and a conservative ideological group at odds with restaurants, grocers, and public health officials.

WDC Statement on Legislative and Congressional Redistricting (Assembly Bill 328 and Senate Bill 58)

We enthusiastically support the effort by Wisconsin legislators to adopt the Iowa model for drawing Wisconsin’s political maps. Assembly Bill 328 and Senate Bill 58 authorize the Legislative Reference Bureau to draw Wisconsin’s district maps in an impartial, nonpartisan manner, which is vital to help restore people’s faith in our democracy.

Wisconsin Supreme Court Race Cost $5.6 Million

Spending in last spring’s Wisconsin Supreme Court race totaled $5.6 million, with outside smear groups sharply outspending the candidates.

'Public Telling' Highlights Opposition, Solutions to Big Money Dominance in Elections

On 6th Anniversary of Citizens United Ruling, Wisconsin Should Move Towards Real Reform

Big Ag Poured $$$ on Controversial Water Bills

The owners of large vegetable-growing farms ramped up their campaign contributions to legislative committees during the first six months of 2016 when lawmakers considered controversial well water bills they favored.

UPDATE: Walker to Pick from Three Finalists for High Court Appointment

Republican Gov. Scott Walker announced today he will interview three finalist to replace retiring Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser.

Senator Nass Joins Far Right in Denouncing UW

Sen. Steve Nass, longtime critic of the University of Wisconsin, has condemned a course offering this spring entitled “The Problem of Whiteness.”

Controversial Child Support Tax Break Resurfaces

A state agency has resurrected a controversial plan that would reduce child support payments by wealthy parents going through a divorce.

State's Legal Guardian for Special Interests Seeks Reelection

GOP Attorney General Brad Schimel, who won office in 2014 with the help of $1.7 million in backing from big business and other special interests, plans on seeking reelection in 2018.