WDC Opposes AB 109 on Dane County Zoning

The Republican-dominated legislature is trying to ram through a bill that would make it easier for towns in Dane County to withdraw from a county zoning ordinance. WDC Opposes AB109 on Dane County Zoning

April 5, 2017

Dane County Sal

The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign is opposed to Assembly Bill 109 for the following three reasons:

First, if towns choose to opt out not by using a referendum but by a meeting of the town council, the bill would no longer require that the discussion of this issue take place at the town’s annual meeting, which is the most highly attended. Towns could call a “special meeting,” which fewer people would be likely to participate in.

Second, there appears to be an effort to ram this through before the week of April 17, when towns have their annual meetings. A lot of people have been organizing around this issue, which is on the agenda of these meetings, and all their work would be for naught if this bill goes through and is signed before April 17. That’s a sneaky way to bypass the will of the people.

And third, why single out Dane County? This bill applies only to Dane County, and the legislature should not be telling Dane County what to do. It’s part of an ongoing process of meddling into the local affairs of this one county.