Authors of Bill Coddling Polluters Get $ from Manufacturers

Republican lawmakers are pushing a bill that would give businesses that commit pollution violations up to four times longer to correct the problem.

Koch-Backed Texas Group Lobbying in Wisconsin

A rightwing group called the Texas Public Policy Foundation started lobbying in Wisconsin for the first time last month So far this legislative session, the group, which has ties to billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch, has taken positions on about a dozen crime and occupational-licensing bills.

GOP Lawmakers Again Pushing Repeal of Minimum Markup Law

Republican lawmakers are once again circulating a legislative proposal to repeal the state’s minimum markup law.

Wysocki Factory Farm Owners Spread Money Around

Owners of a proposed factory farm in Wood County who have contributed more than $75,000 to legislative and statewide candidates may challenge a recent state appeals court ruling that puts the future of the controversial mega-farm in question.

Why the 'We Hate Jill Stein' Bill Is Bad

Republicans in the Wisconsin State Senate are pushing a bill to make it more difficult to do recounts in Wisconsin.

GOP Bill to Restrict Election Recounts Advances

A Republican bill to restrict the use of recounts in state and local elections in Wisconsin is moving forward at the State Capitol. The measure, which received a public hearing last week, would have prevented last year’s presidential recount in Wisconsin.

Eight Wisconsin Referendums All Pass Opposing Corporate Personhood

Yesterday, eight more communities in Wisconsin voted by overwhelming margins that they want to see the U.S. Constitution amended to curb the role of money in politics. Monona had the highest margin, with 91 percent voting in favor.

Gundersen Lutheran Bigwigs Gave $44K to Walker

Executives and medical professionals at a La Crosse medical complex where GOP Gov. Scott Walker appeared Tuesday contributed about $44,350 to his campaign since 2010.

WDC Opposes AB 109 on Dane County Zoning

The Republican-dominated legislature is trying to ram through a bill that would make it easier for towns in Dane County to withdraw from a county zoning ordinance.

Accused Insurer Contributed Nearly $42K to Wisconsin Candidates

An insurance giant accused of fraud for allegedly overbilling the federal Medicare program has contributed nearly $42,000 since 2010 to Wisconsin legislative and statewide candidates.

Guv's Regent Nominees Gave His Campaign $22K+

A banker and a lawyer nominated by Republican Gov. Scott Walker to serve seven-year terms on the University of Wisconsin Board of Regents have contributed more than $64,000 to mostly GOP legislative and statewide candidates. Their contributions, between January 2010 and December 2016, include a total of $22,550 to Walker’s campaign.

Greater Wisconsin Shells Out $225K in School Superintendent Race

A left-leaning outside electioneering group is sponsoring television ads in the Green Bay and Milwaukee television markets to support incumbent School Superintendent Tony Evers during the week leading up to next Tuesday's spring election.

NRA Behind GOP Bill on Guns with No Permits

About 40 GOP legislators are backing a bill that would allow adults to carry concealed weapons without a permit or training in Wisconsin.

State Did Not Press for Fine in Company's Air Pollution Case

The state made a sweetheart settlement with the 3M Co. for two years of air pollution violations without seeking a fine against the company. Employees of the company have contributed more than $80,000 to Wisconsin legislative and statewide candidates over the past five years.

WDC Urges Adoption of Stricter Judicial Recusal Rule

Wisconsin Democracy statement supporting adoption of stricter judicial recusal rule.

Dem Party Files Ethics Complaint Against Gableman

The Barron County Democratic Party filed an ethics complaint against Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman, accusing him of lending his name to a partisan fundraising event.

GOP Lawmakers Moving Measures for Constitutional Convention

GOP lawmakers in Wisconsin plan a hearing next week on resolutions calling for a convention to propose a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Dem Bill Would Show Local School Voucher Spending on Property Tax Bills

Democrats are circulating a legislative proposal that would show individual property taxpayers how much state aid is being cut from their public schools to pay for the state’s school voucher programs.

Parties, Legislative Fundraising Committees Accept $1.3M in Corporate Contributions

The state Democratic and Republican parties and four legislative fundraising committees accepted about $1.3 million in corporate contributions in 2016. The contributions from corporate, union, trade association, and tribal treasuries were allowed for the first time last year under sweeping changes to state campaign finance laws by the GOP-controlled legislature and Republican Gov. Scott Walker.

What's Up with Wisconsin Progress and the ADCC?

A group that recruits and trains Democratic candidates to run for state and local offices made more than $97,000 in contributions to an Assembly Democratic fundraising committee during the latter half of 2016, according to a campaign finance report filed by the committee. This appears to exceed the legal contribution limit by a factor of eight.

Democrat Wants to Change Judicial Recusal Requirements

A Democratic lawmaker has introduced a package of bills to tighten Wisconsin’s judicial recusal rules, particularly involving cases when one of the parties is a big campaign contributor to the judge.

Bipartisan Bill Would Create Penalties for Defrauding State's Development Agency

Business owners who are awarded state grants and other corporate welfare could face prison time and a $50,000 fine if they lie or don’t use the aid for its expressed purpose, according to a bipartisan proposal being circulated at the State Capitol.

Fish Farm Deregulation Bill Back Again

Restaurants, fish farms, and grocery store owners are among the interests backing a GOP bill that would loosen regulations and allow the state to provide public resources to private fish farms.

Walker Resurrects Plan to End State’s Local Government Insurance Program

Wisconsin’s local governments and school districts would be forced to buy property insurance on the private market under a plan in Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s proposed 2017-19 state budget.

GOP Lawmakers Want to Prohibit UW Doctors from Performing Abortions

Republican lawmakers are working on a legislative proposal that would prohibit University of Wisconsin doctors under contract with Planned Parenthood from performing abortions.