The Big Boys Fight in Wisconsin Over 'Dairyland' Name

Two of the most powerful industry groups in Wisconsin are in a spat over "America's Dairyland."

DNR Caves to Big Dairy

This week, the DNR caved to the Dairy Business Association, one of the most powerful special interest groups in the state.

Walker, Four Dozen Legislators Accepted $3.6M in Pro-Gun Lobby Support

The mass shooting in Las Vegas has once again propelled the gun control debate to center stage at the federal and state levels where pro-gun advocates have used lobbying and campaign contributions to move their agenda.

Special Interest Giants Face Off on Worker's Comp Law Changes

Doctors and the state's largest business group are at odds over proposed changes to the state worker’s compensation law.

Beware, New Front Group Formed on Water Policy!

A new group that says it supports policies to protect the state's waters appears to be a front group with ties to powerful business, agriculture and manufacturing interests.

Bill to Legalize Hemp Moving Along

A bill that would once again allow Wisconsin farmers to grow hemp is moving along in the legislature, but GOP Gov. Scott Walker said he has concerns about signing it into law.

Walker's DNR Appointee Draws WMC Praise

A former northern Wisconsin Republican lawmaker was appointed as the next head of the state Department of Natural Resources (DNR), drawing praise from the state’s largest business group.

'Riot Bill' Amended, Still Flawed

At an executive session of the Assembly Committee on Judiciary on Oct. 12, in a rare bipartisan effort, legislators amended the so-called “riot bill” to fix some of the problems that the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, the ACLU of Wisconsin, and Democratic lawmakers had drawn attention to at the public hearing on the bill back on Sept. 21.

The Money Behind Dumping the State's For-Profit College Watchdog

A state watchdog that oversees controversial for-profit colleges would be dumped under a plan by Republican Gov. Scott Walker, who has received about $56,000 in campaign contributions from for-profit college owners and employees.

Democrats Offer Bill to Increase Wisconsin Elections Commission Staff

Assembly Democrats are sponsoring a bill that would spend $304,100 to pay for five additional full-time staff positions at the state’s elections watchdog.

School Voucher Lobby Succeeds Again

A GOP plan is moving forward to expand the statewide school voucher program. School voucher supporters mostly from outside Wisconsin have spent millions of dollars to help elect Republican legislative and statewide candidates.

UW Regents Gave 100x More to GOP than to Dems

As another school year gets underway on University of Wisconsin campuses, students may be surprised to learn that the UW System is governed by a Board of Regents who overwhelmingly support Republican legislative and statewide candidates despite the liberal reputation of its flagship Madison campus.

GOP Wants to Restrict Local Control Over Quarries, Sand Mining

Communities would be restricted from regulating air and water quality and blasting at sand mines, gravel pits and quarries under a plan approved by the legislature’s GOP-controlled Joint Finance Committee.

NRA Behind No-Permit Gun Bill

The National Rifle Association (NRA) is behind a bill that would allow adults to carry concealed weapons in Wisconsin without a permit or training.

WDC Testimony Opposing 'Riot' Bill

Testimony in opposition to Assembly Bill 395 which makes it a felony to participate in a ‘riot’ defined as any gathering of three or more people where it “is reasonable to believe that the assembly will cause injury to persons or damage to property unless it is immediately dispersed.”

Walker Accepted $1 of Every $3 in Campaign Contributions From Outside Wisconsin

About $1 of every $3 in individual contributions that Republican Gov. Scott Walker raised during the first six months of 2017 came from campaign contributors outside the state, a Wisconsin Democracy Campaign preliminary review found.

Foxconn Corporate Welfare Bill Includes $10M Giveaway for Fiserv

A bill that would provide $3 billion in state giveaways for Foxconn to locate a manufacturing plant in southeastern Wisconsin also includes millions in tax breaks for a big campaign contributor to Republican Gov. Scott Walker.

Supporters, Opponents Target Gun Class Bill at Public Hearing

A GOP bill backed by the pro-gun groups that would let Wisconsin schools offer gun courses drew fire from Democrats and praise from Republican lawmakers at a public hearing Thursday.

Dem Lawmakers Want DOJ to Disclose Civil Case Costs

Democratic lawmakers are sponsoring a bill that would require the state Department of Justice to track and disclose how much money and staff time it spends on civil cases.

Wisconsin Contributors Gave More to GOP Dark Money Groups in First Half of 2017

More than 30 dark money groups that can raise and spend unlimited amounts of money to influence state and federal elections received about $2.1 million from Wisconsin contributors during the first half of 2017, and more than half of it went to groups that support Republicans.

'Dark Store' Bills in Limbo as Macy's Sues Grand Chute

Another national retail chain is using a legal loophole to challenge a small Wisconsin town over its tax assessment. Meanwhile, legislative proposals to address the issue remain in limbo three months after being introduced by GOP lawmakers.

Wisconsin GOP Outraises Dems 3 to 1 in the First Six Months of 2017

Legislative candidates and fundraising committees raised more than $1.8 million during the first six months of 2017 with nearly $3 of every $4 flowing to Republicans, who control the legislature, according to a Wisconsin Democracy Campaign preliminary review.

Walker Flanked by Donors at UW Hospital to Promote Foxconn

Republican Gov. Scott Walker was flanked by a couple of generous donors when he stopped by UW Hospital on Tuesday to tout the medical technology benefits that a proposed Foxconn manufacturing plant could bring to Wisconsin.