Tables accompanying Election Turns on a Dime press release. Election Turns on a Dime


November 13, 2002


Candidate Office Party Status Outcome Expenses
Bies, Garey D A01 R I W $9,190.10
Hermann, Tom A01 D C L $5,670.11
Lasee, Frank A02 R I W $2,599.39
Katers, Daniel J A02 D C L $1,790.97
Montgomery, Phil A04 R I W $15,856.21
Vineburg, Sidney A04 D C L $8,654.27
Ainsworth, John A06 R I W $5,905.80
Krusick, Peggy A07 D O W $325.00
Colon, Pedro A08 D I W $3,857.71
Zepnick, Josh A09 D O W $7,026.44
Williams, Annette Polly A10 D I W $370.00
Morris-Tatum, Johnnie A11 D I W $40.00
Vukmir, Leah A14 R O W $15,860.30
Young, Leon A16 D I W $7,855.18
Coggs, Spencer A17 D I W $666.50
Riley, Antonio A18 D I W $3,753.84
Richards, Jon A19 D I W $948.00
Sinicki, Christine A20 D I W $860.00
Plale, Jeffrey A21 D I W $5,363.46
Degner, Arden A21 R C L $181.12
Wasserman, Sheldon A22 D I W $361.50
Gielow, Curtis C A23 R O W $16,004.54
Clousing, Lin A23 D O L $4,363.92
Jeskewitz, Suzanne A24 R I W $239.41
Ziegelbauer, Bob A25 D I W $347.22
Kestell, Steve A27 R I W $182.48
Pettis, Mark A28 R I W $27,799.55
Wolden, Charles A28 D C L $25,430.50
Plouff, Joe A29 D I W $7,414.03
Rhoades, Kitty A30 R I W $5,033.67
Nass, Stephen L A31 R I W $8,492.70
Watson, Leroy A31 L C L $82.75
Lothian, Thomas A A32 R O W $11,321.90
Schroeder, Ryan A32 D O L $6,151.20
DeBow, Royce K A32 I O L $1,414.64
Rolnick, Linda M A32 I O L $311.17
Vrakas, Daniel A33 R I W $1,244.99
Meyer, Dan A34 R I W $12,110.36
Mode, Edwin Buzzy A34 D C L $7,867.40
Friske, Donald R A35 R I W $20,564.63
Frederick, Todd A35 D C L $3,294.81
Ward, David A37 R I W $12,064.43
Waller, Donald Scott A37 D C L $1,774.10
Foti, Steven A38 R I W $25,276.25
Hansen, Mo A38 D C L $2,928.51
Fitzgerald, Jeff A39 R I W $1,061.97
Hundertmark, Jean A40 R I W $11,581.96
Olsen, Luther A41 R I W $163.90
Hines, JA A42 R I W $1,167.49
Towns, Debi A43 R O W $27,204.01
Lowrie, Jerry J A43 D O L $25,620.57
Dalsey, Bernard T A43 G O L $1,467.56
Schooff, Dan A45 D I W $685.32
Hebl, Tom A46 D I W $10,034.25
Hutkowski, Hariah H A46 R C L $6,418.26
Hahn, Eugene A47 R I W $11,453.42
Yost, Meagan A47 D C L $10,072.80
Miller, Mark A48 D I W $3,401.06
Loeffelholz, Gabe A49 R I W $19,414.80
Siss, Arlene A49 D C L $10,828.78
Albers, Sheryl A50 R I W $2,172.00
Freese, Stephen A51 R I W $5,294.61
Wolf, Larry A A51 D C L $3,290.93
Townsend, John A52 R I W $186.24
Owens, Carol A53 R I W $16,570.73
Underheim, Gregg A54 R I W $12,892.41
Genisio, James A A54 D C L $9,419.14
Kaufert, Dean A55 R I W $5,101.26
McCormick, Terri A56 R I W $3,065.43
Wieckert, Steve A57 R I W $4,165.57
Grothman, Glenn A58 R O W $5,716.60
LeMahieu, Daniel R A59 R O W $6,941.46
Lawton, Catharine M A59 I O L $232.63
Gottlieb, Mark A60 R O W $12,837.49
Turner, Robert A61 D I W $16,793.61
Lehman, John A62 D I W $5,172.30
Ladwig, Bonnie A63 R I W $2,238.37
Kreuser, James A64 D I W $4,526.91
Steinbrink, John A65 D I W $50.00
Starzyk, Samantha A66 R I W $3,983.00
Wood, Jeffrey S A67 R O W $35,873.81
Gordon, Paul A67 D O L $17,651.56
Balow, Larry A68 D I W $5,997.27
Moulton, Terry A68 R C L $5,316.21
Suder, Scott A69 R I W $11,623.68
Osegard, Larry L A69 D C L $8,391.44
Lassa, Julie A71 D I W $13,859.41
Harris, Leo V A71 R C L $444.71
Sherman, Gary A74 D I W $97.79
Hubler, Mary A75 D I W $11,115.79
Seefluth, Gayle A75 R C L $6,777.00
Berceau, Terese A76 D I W $729.25
Black, Spencer A77 D I W $1,615.24
Pocan, Mark A78 D I W $242.65
Stone, Jeff A82 R I W $3,916.49
Gunderson, Scott A83 R I W $4,730.85
Gundrum, Mark A84 R I W $68,683.02
Huber, Greg A85 D I W $799.64
Petrowski, Jerry A86 R I W $37,564.42
Starr, Jeff A86 D C L $1,848.04
Williams, Mary A87 R O W $28,629.37
Houdek, Paula A87 D O L $11,114.66
Krawczyk, Judy A88 R I W $7,335.08
Milz, Bryan A88 D C L $1,448.88
Gard, John A89 R I W $29,940.04
Ingalls, Justin A89 L C L $1,529.13
Van Roy, Karl A90 R O W $17,009.49
Dier, Roger A90 D O L $15,369.54
Gronemus, Barbara A91 D I W $4,552.75
Woldstad, Jake A91 R C L $118.63
Kreibich, Robin A93 R I W $348.97
Nischke, Ann M A97 R O W $19,210.98
Danielsen, Roger P A97 D O L $13,097.24
Judson, Scott A97 L O L $262.71
Jensen, Scott R A98 R O W $10,519.72
Collison, Robert G A98 L O L $1,107.33
Feder, Dottie A A98 I O L $685.17
Carpenter, Tim S03 D O W $34,947.14
Reynolds, Tom S05 R C W $94,571.79
Christenson, George L S05 D C L $37,246.96
Grobschmidt, Richard S07 D I W $3,920.97
Carpenter, Jim S07 G C L $244.69
Leibham, Joseph S09 R C W $125,763.85
Baumgart, James S09 D I L $72,801.75
Kedzie, Neal S11 R O W $34,308.04
Woods, Scott A S11 D O L $1,912.38
Fitzgerald, Scott S13 R I W $18,531.56
Christensen, Walter M S13 D C L $11,755.93
Robson, Judith S15 D I W $37,871.69
Black, Greg S15 R C L $2,726.92
Schultz, Dale S17 R I W $26,948.63
Reilly, Emmett J S17 D C L $8,564.62
Ellis, Michael S19 R I W $3,390.77
Stepp, Cathy S21 R C W $120,426.21
Plache, Kimberly S21 D I L $84,774.28
Zien, David S23 R I W $60,049.52
Larson, Earl A S23 D C L $20,962.35
Erpenbach, Jon S27 D I W $6,299.47
Decker, Russ S29 D I W $35,934.47
Edming, Jimmy Boy S29 R C L $11,888.66
Brown, Ronald W S31 R C W $108,262.37
Moen, Rodney S31 D I L $79,722.87
Kanavas, Theodore J S33 R I W $8,435.20


Candidate Office Party Status Outcome Expenses
Weber, Becky A05 R C W $26,709.53
Meyerhofer, Lee A05 D I L $31,554.35
Krug, Shirley A12 D I W $10,033.44
Campbell, Victor A12 R C L $11,593.35
Cullen, David A13 D I W $8,883.43
Adamczyk, Steve A13 R C L $27,837.62
Staskunas, Tony A15 D I W $16,930.77
Green, William H A15 R C L $24,076.65
Van Akkeren, Terry A26 D O W $7,703.52
Zempel, Kurt A26 R O L $27,208.61
Seratti, Lorraine A36 R I W $3,152.50
Thielke, Tom A36 D C L $3,247.53
Vruwink, Amy Sue A70 D O W $20,644.38
Meyer, Gary C A70 R O L $26,802.01
Schneider, Marlin A72 D I W $350.77
Ziegler, Thomas P A72 R C L $6,795.57
Boyle, Frank A73 D I W $1,962.10
Helenius, Darryl A73 R C L $5,459.97
Reasbeck, Carol J A73 I C L $1,915.04
Pope-Roberts, Sondy A79 D C W $29,675.21
Skindrud, Rick A79 R I L $52,722.43
Powers, Mike A80 R I W $8,631.13
Glenn, Debra A A80 D C L $9,445.64
Travis, David A81 D I W $3,586.98
Reeves, James A81 R C L $6,908.10
Musser, Terry A92 R I W $6,335.64
Taft, Michael B A92 D C L $9,432.75
Huebsch, Michael A94 R I W $5,986.96
Burke, Vicki A94 D C L $12,075.96
Shilling, Jennifer A95 D I W $4,499.40
Gundersen, Jerome A95 R C L $8,270.04
Johnsrud, DuWayne A96 R I W $4,942.46
Morga, Miguel A96 D C L $6,490.88
Lehman, Michael A99 R O W $3,450.23
Landon, Patrick D A99 I O L $4,567.23
Lasee, Alan S01 R I W $2,098.45
Hilsabeck, Susan S01 D C L $8,906.12
Jauch, Robert S25 D I W $2,323.34
Condon, Gregg A S25 R C L $3,046.36

*Candidates whose names do not appear on either list did not file a campaign finance report in time for inclusion in this press release or did not spend any money.