Demand Open Government

Open and transparent government is a crucial key to democracy. In a democracy, the people have a right to know what their government is doing. Elected officials and administrators work for us – not the other way around. Whether it’s the GOP leadership rigging the political maps in a private law office behind locked doors or whether it’s the Wisconsin Supreme Court takings its administrative meetings private, or whether it’s individual elected officials or agencies not being responsive to open records requests, our democracy suffers. And democracy requires openness not only when it comes to procedures and records, but also when it comes to money in politics. Dark money is anathema to open government, and it puts the “mock” in democracy.

Please contact your legislators and urge them to restore the Government Accountability Board and to see that existing open government laws are enforced.

Require Disclosure of Donor’s Employer - The 2015 campaign finance law erased the requirement that candidate committees list the name of their donors’ employers. This makes it much more difficult for the media and the public to know whether employees of a specific company are all giving to a candidate in the expectation that their candidate will do the company a favor if that candidate wins. Contact and tell your legislators to support SB358 /AB460, which would require all candidate committees to list the employer of anyone who gives more than $100.

Require Disclosure by Dark Money Groups - During elections season, dark money groups are splattering our screens with mud, and we ought to know who is paying for that mud so that we can figure out what they are trying to gain by doing so. Any so-called “issue advocacy group,” which, within 60 days of an election, is running an ad that mentions a specific candidate and is designed to sway voters, should have to tell us where they’re getting their money from. Contact and tell your legislators to support SB375 / AB472, which would do just that.