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Senator Cathy Stepp (R) SturtevantSenator Cathy SteppSenate District 21

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2002 Election Notes and Background
2002 Campaign Finance Summary
*Senator Stepp was first elected in 2002.

* She won a two way primary and faced a Democratic incumbent in the general election. 

* WI Builders ($30,000) and WI Right to Life PAC ($296) made independent expenditures benefiting Stepp. Planned Parenthood Advocates of WI ($1,351), Sierra Club of Wisconsin ($3,556), and WI Nurses PAC ($58) made independent expenditures favoring her opponent. 

*Coalition for America’s Families spent undisclosed amounts on "issue ads" attacking her opponent.

Stepp Plache
Vote: 50.7% $13.78/vote Vote: 49.1% $14.05/vote
Independent backing:
Independent backing:
Stepp’s Committee Assignments
2003-2004: Economic Development, Job Creation and Housing (Chair); Education, Ethics and Elections; Environment and Natural Resources; Judiciary, Corrections and Privacy; State Supported Programs and Advisory; Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority.

2001-2002: Not yet elected.

Where Did the Money Come From?

Cash-on-hand 1/1/99 $0
Self $25,120
Under $100 $18,152
$100 or more $293,592
PACS & Parties $21,008
Other Income $0
WECF* $0
*voluntary spending limit system.

*From individual contributors giving $100 or more per year and all PAC, party and candidate committee contributions.

Who are the top contributors to Senator Stepp?
1/1/02 - 12/31/02

Contributor City Business Amount
Stepp, Cathy Sturtevant, WI Legislator/First Stepp Builders $25,120.00
Ziegler Family West Bend, WI BC Ziegler Co/Ziegler-Limbach Inc $4,000.00
Radtke, Thomas & Muriel Winneconne, WI Bob Radtke Inc $2,250.00
Dade, Kenneth & Karen South Beloit, IL KD Enterprises $2,000.00
Davies, David & David Jr Racine, WI DW Davies & Co $2,000.00
Jansson, Peter & Karen Racine, WI Jansson, Shupe & Munger $2,000.00
Kohler, Terry & Mary Sheboygan, WI Windway Capital $2,000.00
Namowicz, Steve & Tom Racine, WI Warren Industries $2,000.00
Obernberger, David & Bonnie Racine, WI Creative Insurance Planning $2,000.00
Perez, William & Catherine Racine, WI Johnson Wax/St Katharine High School $2,000.00
Reynolds, Jim & Ellie Racine, WI Cast Tools $2,000.00
Styza, Bryce & Stephen Waukesha, WI Harmony Homes $2,000.00
Walker, Bill & Mary Racine, WI Walker Forge $2,000.00
Wendt, Kenneth & Patricia Land O'Lakes, WI Windway Capital $2,000.00
Young, Fred & Sandra Racine, WI Retired/Writer $2,000.00

Election NotesMoney SourcesTop ContributorsBig MoneyPACs