Hijacking Recall 2012 - Information on AMA IE (American Majority Action)

Hijacking Recall 2012

AMA IE (American Majority Action)

Posted: December 29, 2011
Updated: June 5, 2012


This committee was formed to make independent expenditures to oppose the recall effort against Republican Governor Scott Walker.  It was created by American Majority Action, a Virginia-based right-wing group started in 2010 to train volunteers at the state and community level to push for limited government.  This group, which mainly supports conservative Republican candidates for state and national offices, was among the sponsors of a protest in early 2011 at the State Capitol to support Walker and his proposal to eliminate most public employee collective bargaining rights.

In January 2012 the group reported expenditures for website design, social media consulting and yard sign printing to support Governor Scott Walker in the pending 2012 recall elections.