Citizen Vigil for the Greater Good

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Calling All 99ers

Less than 1% of the population pays for all the election campaigning by Wisconsin politicians. Yep, all the TV and radio ads, all the mailings, all the billboards, all the robocalls, all the smears, all the half-truths and outright lies . . . all paid for by less than 1% of the people.

Once elected, those politicians are hopelessly beholden to the narrow special interests that supply them with the money to run for office. Our elections, and by extension our government, are owned by that fraction of 1% of the people.

If the other 99% of us are to have a voice, it’s up to us to demand it and fight for it.

If you believe money is property, not speech . . .

If you believe they should show us the money and publicly disclose all political donations . . .

If you believe elections should not be auctions . . .

If you believe government should work for all of us, not just 1% of us . . .

Join the Citizen Vigil for the Greater Good.

The aim is to have citizen volunteers standing vigil at the Capitol every day the Wisconsin Legislature is in session and bearing witness to the need for a government that works for all of us.

If you are free every day, or can spare one day a week or one day a month, or could volunteer for a morning or an afternoon every once in a while, we want you! Go here for more information on the vigil.

Go here to sign up to participate.