Koch Brothers Group Applauds Walker on Welfare Bills

by Matthew Rothschild, Executive Director

April 10, 2018

Scott Walker is getting a glowing performance review from his bosses, the Koch Brothers, for making life more difficult for poor kids in Wisconsin.

Walker is signing nine bills dealing with welfare today, and Americans for Prosperity-Wisconsin, founded by the Koch Brothers, is gushing with its approval. “This landmark reform will help thousands of Wisconsinites find the dignity and happiness that comes with work,” Americans for Prosperity-Wisconsin said in a press release. “Our base of activists continue to be impressed by Governor Walker’s bold leadership ... Under Governor Walker’s leadership, Wisconsin continues to be a model for the nation.”

The bills increase by 50 percent the number of hours a week that FoodShare recipients need to work or get training, up from 20 hours to 30 hours. As Kids First noted in its thorough critique of the bills, “Most FoodShare participants are children, and they will suffer along with the rest of the family if their parents are sanctioned.”

Americans for Prosperity-Wisconsin spent $4.8 million on outside electioneering activities to help Walker win his 2012 recall and 2014 reelection campaigns.

Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce also backed most of Walker’s welfare bills. That group is the leading lobbyist in the state, and it shelled out an estimated $9.5 million to help Walker win his 2010 general, 2012 recall, and 2014 reelection contests.

Walker is in hoc to the Koch Brothers and WMC. Along with ginning up resentment among his base, Walker, by signing these bills, is making an installment payment on this debt.