Campaign Reformers Chide Thompson for Inacessiblity of Information in Finance Reports

Despite all of Thompson’s talk about disclosure and his support for electronic filing of campaign finance reports, there is still no web site with contributor lists, no floppy disk provided to groups who will post the information, no improvement in disclosure at all.

Special Election Spending Sets New Mark

Campaign spending by the two candidates and several special interest groups in the special election last month set a new record of $689,325. The candidates combined to spend a total of $481,285. Special interest groups spent an additional $208,040 "independently" of the candidates. The previous record, set in 1996 when Sen. George Petak was recalled, was $661,958.

Buy a House?

Wisconsin’s real estate industry spent at least $1.4 million on campaign contributions and lobbying since 1993 to push proposals that often favor realtors and developers at the expense of home buyers, and conflict with environmental protection, the non-partisan Wisconsin Democracy Campaign reported.

Incumbent War Chests Bulge to $4.4 Million

Incumbent office holders raised almost $2 million in the last six months of 1997. Those dollars pushed war chests to a whopping $4.4 million mark heading into the fall elections.

State Candidates Dug Deep Into Own Pockets to Run

The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign today released figures detailing the huge amounts of money candidates sank into their own races for state office in the 1996 campaigns. "Sank" is the operative word as eight of the 12 largest self-contributors lost their bid for office.
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