Walker’s $$$ Advantage

November 5, 2018

Scott Walker has benefited from almost a 3-to-1 advantage in the money chase.

As of Nov. 5, Walker’s campaign had outraised Evers’s by $31 million to $9 million.

And Republican outside independent expenditure groups in the governor’s race outraised their Democratic counterparts by $19 million to $5 million.

Combined, Walker has had an almost a 3-to-1 edge of $50 million to $14 million over Evers.

This tally doesn’t include “issue advocacy” spending. These are “dark money” groups so they don’t have to report their spending. By contrast, independent expenditure groups, also known as express advocacy groups, use the magic words “vote for” or “vote against” or their equivalents, have to report their spending and identify their donors.