Special Interest Electioneering 2007

Bill introduced to regulate special interest electioneering during the 2007-08 session of the Wisconsin State Legislature. Special Interest Electioneering

Senate Bill 463

March 6, 2008

Senate Bill 463 is a bipartisan proposal requiring disclosure of special interest electioneering that is a rewrite of Senate Bill 77, which was passed in the Senate in May 2007 before the U.S. Supreme Court handed down its decision in a case challenging disclosure provisions of the federal McCain-Feingold campaign reform law. The revisions to SB 77 embodied in SB 463 take into account that ruling.

SB 463 was introduced February 7, 2008 and referred to the Senate Committee on Campaign Finance Reform, Rural Issues and Information Technology. The committee held a public hearing on the bill February 12, 2008 (WDC testimony). The committee approved the bill on February 28, 2008 and it was passed unanimously by the full Senate on March 6, 2008.