2011 Recall Election Finance Profile - Dave Hansen

Senator Dave Hansen (D) Green BayPicture: Senator Dave HansenSenate District 30

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2011 Recall Election Notes and Background

Senator Hansen was first elected to the Senate in 2000.

Senator Hansen was one of nine senators facing recall elections in 2011 spurred by the passage of Governor Scott Walker's plan to curtail public employee collective bargaining rights. He had no primary opposition and faced Republican opposition in the July recall election.

Citizen Action of Wisconsin Inc. ($7,881), DLCC Wisconsin PAC ($145,596), Greater Wisconsin Committee PAC ($7,139), Greater Wisconsin Political Independent Expenditure Fund ($23,141), PCCC Recall Committee ($678), Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin Political Fund ($333),  We Are Wisconsin PAC ($188,467) and WEAC PAC ($74,715) made independent expenditures favoring Senator Hansen.

Republican State Leadership Committee spent undisclosed sums on "issue ads" in opposition to Senator Hansen.

2011 Recall Election Finance Summary
Raised: $405,951 - Spent: $381,956
Vote: 65.9% - Cost/Vote: $17.32
Disclosed Independent Spending: $447,950
Raised: $7,385 - Spent: $7,132
Vote: 33.1% - Cost/Vote: $0.65
Disclosed Independent Spending: $0
Hansen’s Committee Assignments

2011-2012: Agriculture, Forestry and Higher Education; Energy, Biotechnology and Consumer Protection; State and Federal Relations and Information Technology; Senate Organization; Joint Legislative Organization; Special Committee on Review of Emergency Detention and Admission of Minors Under Chapter 51; Special Committee on State-Tribal Relations.

2009-2010: Education; Transportation, Tourism, Forestry and Natural Resources; Finance; Senate Organization; Joint Finance; Joint Legislative Organization; Special Committee on State-Tribal Relations

Where did the money come from?*
Pie Chart: Money Sources
Cash on hand 1/1/09 $88,931
Self $0
Under $100 $116,978
$100 or more $98,083
PACs & Parties $183,320
Other Income $7,570

*All figures represent candidate income before any returns.

Contributions of $100 or More*
In-District Out-District
$27,075 (28.2%) $69,107 (71.8%)

*Includes all contributions from contributors of $100 or more to the candidate in a calendar year.
Excludes any returned and self contributions.

Interest Group Contributions from
Individuals and Committees*
Interest Amount
Political/Ideological $118,442.25
Labor Unions $67,579.33
Retired/Homemakers/Non-income earners $23,051.49
Education $12,120.45
Lawyers/Law Firms/Lobbyists $8,873.45
Health Professionals $7,629.25
Unknown $5,200.00
Civil servant/public employee $4,401.80
Tourism/Leisure/Entertainment $4,207.50
Health Services/Institutions $4,205.55
Manufacturing & Distributing $4,170.55
Business $3,934.86
Telecommunications & Computers $2,635.00
Insurance $2,600.00
Banking & Finance $2,411.11
Transportation $2,221.11
Energy $2,158.61
Natural Resources $1,410.00
Non-Profit/Social Services $950.00
Construction $695.05
Agriculture $405.56
Defense $100.00
Real Estate $100.00

*Individual contributions includes all contributions from contributors of $100 or more to the candidate in a calendar year.
Committee contributions of any amount are included. Any returned and self contributions are excluded.

Top Contributors
1997-July 2011
Contributor(s) City Business Amount
Watson, Jerry & Diane De Pere, WI Stadium View Sports Bar & Grill $4,061
Brogan, John Green Bay, WI Bank of Kaukauna $4,000
Kagen, Steve & Gayle Appleton, WI Kagen Allergy Clinic $2,950
Dean, James & Bob Green Bay, WI Dean Distributing Inc $2,925
Cuene Family Green Bay, WI Broadway Automotive $2,800
Smits, Clayton & Rose De Pere, WI Retired $2,565
Kohl, Herbert Milwaukee, WI US Senator $2,500
Riordan Family Monona, WI Northeast Telephone Co/
Wisconsin State Telecommunications Assn
Clifford, Keith & Linda Madison, WI Clifford & Raihala/LaFollette & Sinykin $2,425
Weix, Larry & Lou Ann Green Bay, WI St Vincent Hospital $2,395

Election NotesMoney SourcesTop ContributorsBig MoneyProfile Index