e-lerts 2009

A New Chapter

In this update: 1. What will the new Legislature’s story be? 2. GAB operating under gag order 3. A bit of lightheartedness in dark times

Assembly Fires Opening Salvo on Reform

In this update: 1. New Assembly leaders steer different course on budget-season fundraising 2. GAB to set wheels in motion on disclosure rule

More Action Coming on Reform

In this update: 1. Early Senate action promised on reform 2. Assembly fundraising ban whets appetite for more 3. Doyle holding on tight to tainted campaign cash

Groups Speak with One Voice on Reform

In this update: 1. 10 groups issue common call for reform 2. Jensen case: Six years and counting 3. Eau Claire-area trio take lead on reform legislation

Assembly Finalizes Ban on Budget-Session Fundraising

In this update: 1. Fundraising ban gets bipartisan approval in Assembly 2. Action Alert: Urge Senate and Governor to follow Assembly’s lead 3. Interest groups to sit out Supreme Court race? 4. Best and worst legislators

State's Messed-up Campaign Money Tracking System

In this update: 1. New campaign finance reporting system fraught with problems 2. "2009 Spring Campaign" feature now up on wisdc.org

WDC Launches impartialjustice.org

In this update: 1. New web site focuses on threats to judicial independence, need for reform 2. Take Action: Add your voice to chorus calling for key reforms 3. More on state’s faulty campaign finance reporting system

The Honorable Judge Fair (D-WI) and Judge Impartial (R-WI)

In this update: 1. Federal court rules judges can join parties 2. Need grows for new judicial recusal rules 3. State bar endorses court reform 4. League of Women Voters forum delves into money and politics 5. Contributor database updated 6. WEAC alone in influencing state school chief race

Veridict is in: Campaign Cash and Justice Don't Mix

In this update: 1. New poll shows public believes campaign cash taints court rulings 2. Commentary: Supreme Court auctions can become elections again 3. Reform bills introduced in Assembly 4. Goodbye newspapers, hello corruption

More Problems Found in State's Campaign Finance Recordkeeping

In this update: 1. Campaign finance reports on new Web-based system riddled with errors 2. Impartial justice events being held across the state